Another Thursday “Her Day”

Master Bedroom Clean Up Time for a Sexier New YOU!

Boo! Ugly, messy room.
Look at the roll of toilet paper on the night stand!

How can you possibly have any kind of fun in a room like this? Seriously, it’s just not right. I know you’re not sure what you want and you’re confused about color and texture. I know your funds are limited and so is your time. I understand, really I do, but the lifestyle you’re now leading demands that you put some time and effort into upkeep. You’re going to do something about it and if you can’t do all the decorating you want to do at least clean it up properly and declutter. So spend this weekend and probably the next making this your project.

But I think you can get some easy decorating done and on a shoe-string budget to boot. Don’t have paint? I bet some of your friends have unused gallons sitting in their garages and basements. Need a new comforter and can’t afford one? Again, send an S.O.S. email out to your friends and family. I bet you could even get them to roll up their sleeves and help you and I’m sure they would even be more than happy to donate to the cause. It doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?  If they only knew you were being held hostage in a messy room like this, they would coming running. You don’t have to strip furniture and replace the windows, but start with what you can and do it!

Are you ready to transform? Good, then pop in your butt plug (he’ll want you good and ready when you’re done), put on some sexy music for motivation, and spend this weekend turning your Master Bedroom into the love den and sanctuary it’s supposed to be for you and your Sir. You’ll feel better and sexier and he will love you for it.

That’s much better and a whole lot sexier, too. Wouldn’t it be better to be held “hostage” in a room like this?


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Thursday is “Her Day”

Do yourself and your Sir a favor and ditch the dreaded

“Granny Panties”

Stop the insanity!
No more granny panties!

Seriously, do you have them in your drawer? Granny panties are lazy and ugly and sooooo not sexy. You should always be appealing to your Dom by wearing something that makes you and him feel appreciated. Oh, I can hear you whining now, “But what will I wear when I have my period?” You and I both know you’re not wearing those ugly old things only on the days you have your period. You’re also saying that bikinis and thongs don’t feel comfortable or that underwear is so expensive. Come on, you can get cute underwear from Target, for goodness sake. And you need to be training your ass anyway.

No more excuses!  There’s only one good use for you nasty granny panties…have your Dom use them for tying you up. You should be good and spanked for having them in the first place. Here are some granny panty alternatives:

These are for you, LK
So much cuter and black lace is our favorite.
Very hot. Black sheer is a fave as well.
How about boy shorts? They come in all colors and patterns.
Boy shorts with ruffles…super cute!
Personalized boy shorts….what a great idea! These are from Let him know you’re His!
These look like fun.

OK, you have your orders for the day. Today is the day you throw them away. It’s better to go commando than subject your bum, not to mention your Dom, to them. Send me a photo of your ugly granny panties (clean photos only, please…don’t be a skank) and the ugliest pair wins “The Dingy Crotch” award. That basically means I make fun of your granny panties on my blog.

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The Training of Elle

It’s only right that since my blog is called The Submission of Elle that I write about my experience so far with my submission. I wanted to share training tips on Tuesdays for a healthy body and mind, but today I will share with you my training as a submissive.

I feel like I’m in a unique position, but I am far from alone. I come across more and more married couples everyday that are just now starting to understand who they really are as a Dominant and submissive. It’s a beautiful thing when you allow your true nature to surface, that secret self you’ve spent a lifetime shoving back down, not in fear of other people, but in fear of yourself and what you might discover. As much as some may talk about wanting to be their authentic self it’s something else entirely to surrender to it. If you ever get to that point, and I hope for your sake that you do, it’s when your life will actually begin.

Our 24 years together has helped us ease into this new life because we already had some things set. First, we truly love each other have innumerable shared experiences, joy, blood, sweat, and tears. Second, I never put down or speak badly of my Husband/Dom (HusDom) to anyone, and that includes friends and family. I don’t talk about our marriage to my family at all because families have a way of siding and never turning back from the side they took. In turn, Sir does not put me down or complain about me to his friends and family. Our business is our business and if you are ever privy to information you should consider it a great honor because you’re standing on our holy ground. The private and sometimes intimate information I’ve shared on this blog, with my Sir’s blessing of course, has been so that others may see themselves in some parts of our lives and know that they are not alone. Third, my position in our household has always been traditional and I take care of his needs (cooking, running errands, household maintenance, paying bills, et al) and the needs of our children. I assist him with his business and I’m the one that prepares our tax statements. Why, you ask? Because I’m really good at it. Mind you, Sir is kept up-to-date and informed on everything, always reserving the right to veto any decision. Sir works very hard and he needs me home to run things. Even with many D/s ways already in place, we were off course. You can read all about how and when we decided to radically change our lives on my blog as I’ve bared enough of my soul for you to get the picture.

It wasn’t long ago that we had a big “A-HA” moment toward our D/s ~BDSM life. We realized that we can do this our way and in our own time and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s relationship. We do what works for us and there may be a lot of similarities to your life, but we have our own unique way. We’ve made friends with some wonderful people in this short amount of time that are an inspiration and a joy to get to know and are helping us put it all in perspective, because we are on very similar paths headed toward a very similar direction. Our lives have differences and yet there are so many uncanny similarities. Sometimes we feel like we’re in uncharted waters because being married for many years and having children before admitting that there is another person living inside of you is very different from those that are single and engaged in D/s or those D/s relationships that move into marriage. I will not say that any one type is better than the other, what I will say, however, is that we have a unique perspective and it needs to be shared. It seems like this is an ancient art and somewhere a sextant was used and a map was created, but has been buried along with its treasure and now there are only whispers on the waves and celestial flashes in the night sky.

“A sextant is an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects. Its primary use is to determine the angle between a celestial object and the horizon which is known as the object’s altitude. Making this measurement is known as sighting the object, shooting the object, or taking a sight and it is an essential part of celestial navigation. The angle, and the time when it was measured, can be used to calculate a position line on a nautical or aeronautical chart. Common uses of the sextant include sighting the sun at solar noon and sighting Polaris at night, to find one’s latitude (in northern latitudes). A sextant can also be held horizontally to measure the angle between any two landmarks which allows for calculation of a position on a chart. A sextant can also be used to measure the lunar distance between the moon and another celestial object (e.g., star, planet) in order to determine Greenwich time which is important because it can then be used to determine the longitude.” (Source Wikipedia)

Kabbalah teaches that the sun is male and the moon is female. The sun is responsible for making the moon glow and the moon receives the sun’s light. I think this is a beautiful representation of how a Dominant and submissive relationship is supposed to work. I receive my light and my warmth from my Dominant. He shines his light on me helping me and giving me everything I need.  A Dominant finds the distance between his sun and her moon so he can decide exactly where they are and how to best chart a course toward his intended destination. A submissive receives the light from her Dominant so that she can shine brilliantly and even mysteriously in the night sky. The moon has its cycle of waxing and waning to the point of diminishing completely at one point on the lunar calendar and then builds back up to full illumination. My Sir brings me to full illumination and admires me as I shine.

I want my Sir to shine his light upon me in this way so that I am a reflection of his will and desires. I trust his intentions and judgment. He’s already proven to me countless times that he has my best interest and will always be there for me. As submissives we reach a pinnacle, become broken, and then our Dominant builds us back up. This is what happens in an exchange of power. You become exposed and vulnerable as you hand over your shame, guilt, frustrations, fears, desires, and insecurities then your Dominant takes them so you are released to just give and serve him proudly and so he can bring you to a new level. It’s in that giving that we are free and it’s in that freedom that we are healed and it’s in that healing that we are finally at peace.

It may seem confusing to anyone on the outside looking in to understand the desire to take your control and power and hand it over willingly to your Dominant who in turn receives like it’s an honor bestowed upon him. I exhausted myself living the life I was living. I am a strong, intelligent, capable woman who can competently handle a presentation in a board meeting, direct and produce a musical with a cast and crew of over a 100, and organize a an event for 300 from across the country. I know how to sew and cook, but I also know how to use a power drill and a circular saw. I learned to dance, but I was also taught how to punch a speed bag. So why give away my control if I can do so much? I will always have my abilities, but now I am able to perform any of those tasks with a lot more grace and style because there is only one whose acceptance and approval I seek. In all my accomplishments there were always complaints and disappointments. I could never please everyone.

If you ever experienced the inner freedom and focus that only comes from giving up outward control to a loving Dominant you would never ask the question “why”. The mental and emotional defenses supported by society kept me from experiencing true intimacy at a deep and profound level. Now that I’ve experienced freedom, I can never go back to my old bondage. Hearing him tell me that I did well and that he’s proud of me is bliss. I feel more connected than ever to my husband, to my children, and to my God because I know the strength I receive from my Sir allows me to have more to give. I feel centered and balanced for the first time. I feel like I’m getting younger, but that’s because my heart is free, but isn’t that the joy of childhood?

So my basic training period as a submissive has been to fully understand my new open heart, mind, and soul and to give  all of myself to Sir and watch with pride as he brilliantly charts our course toward our new destination.

Thanks, Pinterest, for the photo!

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Hey everyone. Read my post, Sex is Like Food, and then head on over to my good friend’s blog, The Bedroom Submissive to take up her challenge. Here’s what LK wrote:

“How many ways can you use ice during your play in the bedroom? This can be done with a couple or singles… Please do all you can and report to me by the end of the week… I want lists… All of us can benefit from others experiences…

Don’t give yourselves frost bite! Hard to explain to the emergency room..

Yes, do give tips on playing with ice cream too! You get boner points… Oops…. vulgar slang.. sorry… but you’ll get bonus points for that! Lol!”

I’ve already posted our ice play on her site because that was on the agenda last night. Here’s what I wrote:

“Start with slightly melted ice cubes. Drip the ice slowly down between her breasts or if she’s on her hands and knees between her butt cheeks. The take an ice cube and slowly torture her through all her erogenous zones head to toe. She’ll let you know when you found a good spot. The wake of the ice should actually bring about a delicious warming sensation because the cold brings blood to the surface of the skin making everything more sensitive. Ice between the legs and on the perineum is beyond words. Torture by ice!”

Enjoy the challenge and have fun!

Sex is Like Food

Are you eating from the 4 major sex groups?

Here’s some really great advice from

Let the Hot Sex Begin!

Sex is like food – we need variety to keep us interested and healthy. Imagine a sex-life pyramid containing four sex groups:

  • Intimacy-driven sex
  • Sex that engages our senses
  • Sex for the sake of feeling good
  • Fantasy sex that flexes our mind muscles

It is my philosophy that you should regularly be tapping into each of these groups for a healthy, balanced sex life. This idea will guide our program — each day’s assignment will draw from a different group, with the goal of giving you healthier, hotter and more frequent sex.

Of course, giving your relationship a boost takes time, and it takes two. Tell your partner that you’ve signed up for this Challenge, explain that you might have some new tricks up your sleeve this month, and certainly, ask your honey to sign up too! Also, set aside an hour each day to focus on your assignments.

Worried you can’t make time for sex, like so many other women who answered our survey? Follow these four easy steps:

1. Turn off the TV.

2. Close the computer.

3. Step away from the phone.

4. Turn and face your partner!Ahhh, there you are.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just do it – have sex, make love, get it on, whatever you do, do it tonight!

Please comment below and let us know your ideas for each of the sex groups on the sex-life pyramid.

The Song of Solomon, Chapter Two

I am in full bloom. The soft petals between my legs have unfolded for you, Sir.

All other women are thorns compared to your delicate pink and white folds.

Sir, I delight in having you stand so mightily over me while I kneel before you and taste your sweet delectable fruit in my mouth.

Your juice has burst forth in my mouth like overflowing wine. You powerfully released into me as a declaration of your love.

Sir, please let love overtake me, too. I am feverish and yearning.

My Sir’s left hand embraced my head and held me down as his right hand caressed me between my legs.

Friends, I tell you sincerely that you must make sure you are properly aroused so you’re ripe and ready to be filled and so that your body responds as it should.

My Sir called to me and told me to prepare my body for him. I then got down on my knees to wait.

I see him quickly approach. My Sir stands tall and proud in front of me. He is lean and rippled with strong supple muscles. He admires me from the other side of the separation wall.

My Sir wants me to go to him.

Arise from off your knees, my little darling, my beautiful one. Quickly come with me.

Your time of womanly separation is over. You are washed clean and are prepared for me.

You are in full bloom and the time has arrived for me to partake of your fruit and we will sing our love song together.

My body is excited by your presence. Your sweet scent is causing me to react, my little darling, my beautiful one. Off your knees and come now.

I spread you open before me to see what is hidden in your delicate folds. Let me see all of you. Yes, that’s it; sweetly moan for me. You are so lovely to behold.

Do not whimper and cry. You are lovely as I have told you so do not have any shame. Do not withdraw from me when we are ready for our eager passion.

Yes, I belong to you, Sir. You are my beloved.

Yes, enter me Sir. I want you inside me.

Turn me over and mount me, Sir. Do all that you please with me. I am yours for as long as it pleases you. My body is yours to do with as you please.

Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle

New Uses For Workout Equipment

You can now use this:

Over-the-door Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Over-the-door Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Like this:

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