The Song of Solomon, Chapter One

Keep kissing me, oh, please don’t stop kissing me everywhere, your mouth is delicious—it’s better than wine and it’s intoxicating to me.

I love the smell of you. Your skin has such a unique scent that makes my head swirl, but your name and your reputation is the most fragrant. Everyone knows the man you are and every woman wants you as her Dominant

I want you now. Please take me. I want you to own me in your chamber.

On lookers: We look up to you and we talk about how accomplished and skillful you both are. Watching you is better than being served the finest wine.

How right they are to adore you.

I’m different than the other submissives he’s had before; I’m not pale or pink, like you. I’m bronzed by the sun.

Do not look at me like it doesn’t make sense for Sir to want someone tan like me.

My life has been hard and my family harsh. I’ve had to work outside helping to take care of our family’s vineyard. I haven’t had time to take care of myself because my days are long and strenuous.

Please tell me, Sir, why have I always felt embarrassed by the way I look? Why do I feel inferior to the submissives you’ve kept before me? Are they any better than me? Tell me, please, why do I feel as though they live with an openness and confidence of beauty I don’t possess? Why do I always want to keep myself hidden?

On lookers: If you’re questioning your position, even as beautiful as you are, we would advise you to follow the path your Dominant has laid out for you. Give yourself over to him completely and let him show you the way.

My little darling, little mare, you are so beautiful bound up in my harness. I will take the reins and guide you.

Your face is glowing in bliss from the stunning diamonds I placed upon your ears and the glistening diamond collar I put around your neck.

I am having a pair of custom gold and silver earrings, with my mark, made especially for you.

My Sir laid me on his special table. He tied me down and spread me open so he can smell the scent between my legs.

My Sir climbed on top of me and emptied himself out between my breasts so I could smell him. His scent was like the finest perfume.

His scent is so delicious and fragrant; like aromatic wildflowers.

You are more beautiful than any woman, my little darling, more gorgeous than any woman I have ever laid my eyes upon. Your beauty is indescribable. You have exquisite eyes and I can see your soul as I look deeply into them. Your eyes tell me everything about you and your inside beauty radiates from them. You are sweet and good.

You are the most handsome of men, Sir. Your charming words put me in a spell. The way we play is so lush and luxurious; it’s so rich and full.

What I have built for you, our house and our life together, is strong and enduring. We have filled our house with energy, life, and the exotic. We will always be together.

Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle