The Song of Solomon, Chapter One

Keep kissing me, oh, please don’t stop kissing me everywhere, your mouth is delicious—it’s better than wine and it’s intoxicating to me.

I love the smell of you. Your skin has such a unique scent that makes my head swirl, but your name and your reputation is the most fragrant. Everyone knows the man you are and every woman wants you as her Dominant

I want you now. Please take me. I want you to own me in your chamber.

On lookers: We look up to you and we talk about how accomplished and skillful you both are. Watching you is better than being served the finest wine.

How right they are to adore you.

I’m different than the other submissives he’s had before; I’m not pale or pink, like you. I’m bronzed by the sun.

Do not look at me like it doesn’t make sense for Sir to want someone tan like me.

My life has been hard and my family harsh. I’ve had to work outside helping to take care of our family’s vineyard. I haven’t had time to take care of myself because my days are long and strenuous.

Please tell me, Sir, why have I always felt embarrassed by the way I look? Why do I feel inferior to the submissives you’ve kept before me? Are they any better than me? Tell me, please, why do I feel as though they live with an openness and confidence of beauty I don’t possess? Why do I always want to keep myself hidden?

On lookers: If you’re questioning your position, even as beautiful as you are, we would advise you to follow the path your Dominant has laid out for you. Give yourself over to him completely and let him show you the way.

My little darling, little mare, you are so beautiful bound up in my harness. I will take the reins and guide you.

Your face is glowing in bliss from the stunning diamonds I placed upon your ears and the glistening diamond collar I put around your neck.

I am having a pair of custom gold and silver earrings, with my mark, made especially for you.

My Sir laid me on his special table. He tied me down and spread me open so he can smell the scent between my legs.

My Sir climbed on top of me and emptied himself out between my breasts so I could smell him. His scent was like the finest perfume.

His scent is so delicious and fragrant; like aromatic wildflowers.

You are more beautiful than any woman, my little darling, more gorgeous than any woman I have ever laid my eyes upon. Your beauty is indescribable. You have exquisite eyes and I can see your soul as I look deeply into them. Your eyes tell me everything about you and your inside beauty radiates from them. You are sweet and good.

You are the most handsome of men, Sir. Your charming words put me in a spell. The way we play is so lush and luxurious; it’s so rich and full.

What I have built for you, our house and our life together, is strong and enduring. We have filled our house with energy, life, and the exotic. We will always be together.

Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle

14 thoughts on “The Song of Solomon, Chapter One

    • Thank you. It’s my original work. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but not until recently did it come into focus. I was doing a study from a Jewish rabbinical point of view. It all unfolded from there. I’ve studied out the book of Esther, too and there is a lot of BDSM in it. Queen Vashti didn’t want to obey King Ahasuerus when he commanded her to come to him completely naked with the exception of her crown so he could lead her around in front of the entire court. A very Master/slave scenario, don’t you think? Esther spends a year in his brothel preparing for her night with the King, but she’s not just learning how to be a Queen, the emphasis sounds more like his submissive. When you read it with those eyes it opens up so many possibilities. I’ll be posting a chapter of S.O.S. each Saturday.


      • Yeah, this perspective really hits home for me. When we decided to move forward and Sir decided to accept this lifestyle I had some confusion in regards if God would have any issues with TTWD. My bestie, “C” encouraged me and told me that what we were embarking on, who else would The Lord want us to experience this with. We were not cheating or lying… Why would be be upset with us? It does say that we should enjoy one another in the Bible, does it not? While we are not active in a church, I would like to find a place where we feel at home. We keep moving before we can get comfortable…. My parents didn’t like what they called “organized” religion they thought me to follow those commandments and respect God in all ways. They believed in having a personal relationship with him, not one that you advertised for good face. I went to church with friends and was married in one of those churches to Sir. It felt good being married there. So, were still finding our way to a city and a church where we can feel good. I do a lot of soul searching and always seem to come to the idea that he is OK with TTWD….. The is why this post means so much to me. I’m eager to hear more… I have only used the Christian bible and will try to start looking into it and see what’s there…
        Thanks for posting this! 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇


  1. Wow Elle! I really need to re read SOS! I’ve known it all my life, but reading it with eyes wide open is going to be something else! This is a work of art!

    I’m loving this life! I don’t think that God would ever be displeased with my submission to my husband. We do have to tread lightly…because there is so much out there that would lead astray…but a loving, D/s-monogamous marriage, I feel, will be infinately blessed by God. I had great role models, my parents were a wonderful example, and my mom….my mom was such a beautiful example of a submissive grade! She really did adore, and look up to my dad. She found herself in him. They were sweethearts since 8th grade! I don’t think they were ever involved in the same D/s relationship that Sir and I are, but I know she loved him as the leader of our family, and he was a wonderful leader. As a husband, father, minister to the church….I really was very blessed to have such an upbringing.

    Can’t wait to read the rest! I’m on it right now!!!


    • What a beautiful example you had with your parents. Song of Solomon is a very sexual book, but it gets overly spiritualized. God created sex and the Song is an example of His love for us. I read so many commentaries that start off with pointing out the sexual references, but then quickly withdraw and “dumb down” the text.


      • Do you think that our modern day commentaries water down the sexuality in SOS because our society has lost its self control? The protocal and politeness is one of the things that draws me to this life. I’m finding myself more in control of my emotions and my patience with my kids has grown 10fold. Its a very Proverbs 31 wife type of behavior. I don’t think I can ever be as perfect as she sounds. ..but the fact that I want to try to be like her and didn’t even care before is a big personal victory for me


        • Sex was stripped from the bible because of the hatred of Israel. When you study out the history you see that the ancient Hebrew wisdom and understanding of the Torah (1st 5 books), all the prophets and the assorted writings (SOS, Proverbs, etc), is a treasure trove we’ve been denied. My husband prays Proverbs 31 over me every Shabbat (Friday night at sundown) and I pray Psalms 1 &112 over him.


  2. Wow! I haven’t gotten this far into your blog yet. But..Elle amazing work and it is hot I don’t talk religion but like I said I read the bible and don’t believe God will be offend in what we do with our husbands. Fantastic writing! I have to cont.



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