New Uses For Workout Equipment

You can now use this:

Over-the-door Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Over-the-door Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Like this:

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5 thoughts on “New Uses For Workout Equipment

  1. My Sir has this and takes it with him on the road.. He will love it… You draw like me.. Lol! I’m forwarding this to him now… 🐇


    • It’s not my drawing! We were talking about how we needed to get an over-the-door pull up bar again (we used to have one, but it got lost in a move). Then we realized it could be used like a sex sling. I went online to price them out and “behold” someone else had the same idea!


      • Really neat idea.. My Sir thought of that to
        But I can’t remember why he didn’t do it.. Maybe because he wanted to take it with him to work. But he just put up some hardware into ceiling above the entrance into my closet.
        Kids know that he works out and don’t pay any attention to it.. It has ropes hanging from it around the door moldings right now.. Maybe ill send pics…
        Lots of people will love this!
        Great post!


  2. All of our doorways are wider than 36″ that is why I can not utilize the bar at home.

    I love the picture as well, the smile on her face and his penis. Hilarious!

    I would use caution using the bar though. The bar rests on the top of the upper horizontal door casing trim and much of the weight presses on the vertical casing pieces. When I first got my bar I went to adjust my grip at the top of a pull up and the bar slipped off of the upper casing piece allowing me and the bar to break free. Almost a disaster because when I landed my feet were a few inches forward of center causing me to lose my balance. The bar will need constant weight on it in order for it to stay in place. Having her lean a bit forward should apply a constant pressure on the bar. If her hands are bound to the bar and the bar were to come loose she may not be able to break her fall. I might just instruct her to hold onto the bar and not to let go. The big difference though is that her feet would always be on the ground reducing the chance for a major accident.

    Doggie Dangle…
    There is also an accessory offered by Iron Gym used for leg raises. The accessory is a set of straps that hang down from the bar allowing you to put your arms into a sling taking your body weight so that you wouldn’t have to support yourself hanging from the bar. I can’t remember the cost but they were very inexpensive.

    Have fun… Be safe…



    • Thank you for the safety tips. Wonder if there is something else that can be mounted at the top of the door frame under the casing so it secures into the interior framing of the door. Do you think that would be secure enough?


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