The Song of Solomon, Chapter Two

I am in full bloom. The soft petals between my legs have unfolded for you, Sir.

All other women are thorns compared to your delicate pink and white folds.

Sir, I delight in having you stand so mightily over me while I kneel before you and taste your sweet delectable fruit in my mouth.

Your juice has burst forth in my mouth like overflowing wine. You powerfully released into me as a declaration of your love.

Sir, please let love overtake me, too. I am feverish and yearning.

My Sir’s left hand embraced my head and held me down as his right hand caressed me between my legs.

Friends, I tell you sincerely that you must make sure you are properly aroused so you’re ripe and ready to be filled and so that your body responds as it should.

My Sir called to me and told me to prepare my body for him. I then got down on my knees to wait.

I see him quickly approach. My Sir stands tall and proud in front of me. He is lean and rippled with strong supple muscles. He admires me from the other side of the separation wall.

My Sir wants me to go to him.

Arise from off your knees, my little darling, my beautiful one. Quickly come with me.

Your time of womanly separation is over. You are washed clean and are prepared for me.

You are in full bloom and the time has arrived for me to partake of your fruit and we will sing our love song together.

My body is excited by your presence. Your sweet scent is causing me to react, my little darling, my beautiful one. Off your knees and come now.

I spread you open before me to see what is hidden in your delicate folds. Let me see all of you. Yes, that’s it; sweetly moan for me. You are so lovely to behold.

Do not whimper and cry. You are lovely as I have told you so do not have any shame. Do not withdraw from me when we are ready for our eager passion.

Yes, I belong to you, Sir. You are my beloved.

Yes, enter me Sir. I want you inside me.

Turn me over and mount me, Sir. Do all that you please with me. I am yours for as long as it pleases you. My body is yours to do with as you please.

Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle

5 thoughts on “The Song of Solomon, Chapter Two

  1. This is so interesting… Why where these things taken out of the Christian bible? Tell us more… Can’t wait for next installment.


    • Over the years I have read practically every type of explanation of the Song of Solomon. The Jews, for the most part, view it as the relationship between G-d and Israel and of the coming Messiah. Christians view it as the relationship between Christ and the Church and the second coming of Jesus. I’ve even read some Muslim sources that state it speaks of the coming of Muhammad.

      Many agree that there is strong sexual content in the Song, but fail to elaborate and thereby write it off as just allegorical, fearing to delve into the deeper meaning or even the obvious meaning. A few brave souls start down the road of explaining the eroticism so evident, but then for whatever reason, lapse back into a more simplistic and puritanical understanding. To me, there is more to the text than meets even the most erotic of eyes. As I studied, it began to hint of Dominance and Submission.

      I decided not long ago to read the text again because now I had that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I would find something unique. My D/s life is still relatively new, but I have always had the heart of a submissive, and now that my eyes have been opened to who I really am and have embraced my surrender, I see scripture in a new and fresher light. I believe God designed it so that scripture unfolds over time. Those who choose to allow the refining fire process will and certainly have a different understanding 25 years after beginning study than someone who is in their first year of study. This should be the case with nearly everything we read. We experience, we suffer, we grow, we expand and reach, we gain wisdom and knowledge, we age, we mature.

      The voice in the back of my head remembered a section from the Book of Esther that gave me the biggest hint of all of what I was going to “see” in the Song of Solomon. Today is Purim, by the way, so this is highly appropriate that I bring up Esther today! King Ahasueras was having a banquet and he summoned Queen Vashti to appear before him and his male party guests in nothing but her royal crown. He loved his Queen and wanted to show everyone her beauty and her willingness to submit before him, proud King that he was. Queen Vashti refused, had her own party, and was thereby banished. The King had his Chamberlain search for a more submissive Queen to take Vashti’s position. He found his new Queen in one named Hadassah (meaning myrtle – literally “behold the open door”), or as she asked to be know, Esther (meaning hidden). Queen Esther fully submitted to her King and she was completely open. Was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing? I never understood what the King was doing and I’ll tell you, it has been a point of contention in many bible studies. Women become outraged upon hearing it because they believe it is absolutely cruel to display your wife in such a manner. But anyone who dares to understand the King’s actions through modern Western eyes will always come away feeling nothing but hatred toward the King. Why then did G-d allow the marriage of a pure, beautiful, intelligent Jewess to such a nasty “Domineering” King? Why indeed? It is notable that today within certain BDSM circles, the nude display of your slave on a collar and lead proudly in front of others is not uncommon for a Master. Hmm?

      I have been taught how to study the bible using hermeneutics, a method whereby you systematically breakdown scripture employing grammar, culture, dispensation, prophecy, figures of speech and context, to name a few. However, in all of the research papers I read whereby the authors claimed to explain the erotic essence of the text, they fail miserably in their attempt. A perfect example is from Richard B. Sorensen’s The Redemption of Eroticism – Commentary on The Song of Solomon in his book Unholy Grail (a chapter I thought was going to be very exciting but disappointed me in its lame erotic attempt):

      2:1 “I am the rose of Sharon, The lily of the valleys.”

      [The woman indicates that she considers herself to be so beautiful and attractive that she herself is a flower. She expresses self-confidence in her own attractiveness, in her femininity, and in her worth as a feminine woman.]

      2:2 “Like a lily among the thorns, So is my darling among the maidens.”

      [The man (or Solomon) tells the woman that she is much more beautiful and attractive to him than other women.]

      2:3 “Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest,

      [The woman indicates that her man (in contrast to other men) “bears fruit,” i.e., is lovely, attractive, and profitable in contrast to other men (other trees) who are not fruit bearing. A fruit tree in a forest would be rare and would stand out and be obvious.]

      So is my beloved among the young men

      [In his shade I took great delight and sat down, The woman feels protected and sheltered by his love and possibly enjoys being under him in a relational and sexual sense.]

      And his fruit was sweet to my taste.”

      [She enjoys the benefits of what her man produces for her.]

      Huh? Where’s the sex and eroticism, Mr. Sorensen? I’ve been on Christian sites where very conservative Pastors clearly state that sitting under the apple tree and tasting his fruit is clearly speaking of fallatio. The rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley, while having deep spiritual meanings in relation to Israel and the Messiah, are not simply flowers, but have historically been used to describe a woman’s genitalia.

      And thus, my decision to write the Song with very specific meaning and using absolute erotic references was born. A year ago I would not have been able to write this way. I feel like my veil has been lifted. Yes, I have taken some literary license, but I believe that this life that we lead is not unusual historically (from the Garden of Eden onward) and was actually the norm between male and female relationships than anyone in any religious circle would ever dare admit. I am open to suggestions and revisions as warranted because I simply seek the truth.


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