Sex is Like Food

Are you eating from the 4 major sex groups?

Here’s some really great advice from

Let the Hot Sex Begin!

Sex is like food – we need variety to keep us interested and healthy. Imagine a sex-life pyramid containing four sex groups:

  • Intimacy-driven sex
  • Sex that engages our senses
  • Sex for the sake of feeling good
  • Fantasy sex that flexes our mind muscles

It is my philosophy that you should regularly be tapping into each of these groups for a healthy, balanced sex life. This idea will guide our program — each day’s assignment will draw from a different group, with the goal of giving you healthier, hotter and more frequent sex.

Of course, giving your relationship a boost takes time, and it takes two. Tell your partner that you’ve signed up for this Challenge, explain that you might have some new tricks up your sleeve this month, and certainly, ask your honey to sign up too! Also, set aside an hour each day to focus on your assignments.

Worried you can’t make time for sex, like so many other women who answered our survey? Follow these four easy steps:

1. Turn off the TV.

2. Close the computer.

3. Step away from the phone.

4. Turn and face your partner!Ahhh, there you are.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just do it – have sex, make love, get it on, whatever you do, do it tonight!

Please comment below and let us know your ideas for each of the sex groups on the sex-life pyramid.

10 thoughts on “Sex is Like Food

  1. My thoughts on Intimacy Sex. My perspective is from a monogamous marriage with children:

    Intimacy sex usually happens three different ways for us and it’s usually that sweet slow type of sex where we’re pouring out our love and are gazing into each other’s eyes. That usually happens after we’ve looked through photos like baby pictures or came across something very sentimental. It can also be morning sex when we’re not in a hurry to go anywhere and we wake up already starting to touch and kiss. Intimacy sex also happens for us after an emotional incident where one of us has bared our souls or something difficult has happened like the loss of a friend, family member, or pet. for me, this is the kind of sex where I’m crying the whole way through, but I need him more than anything and I need all the love he can give me. Our best moments of intimacy sex were when we were trying to conceive our babies.


  2. Sex for the Senses…Vision ……. Taking the vision away seems to be the sexiest thing I can think of.
    It heightens the other senses…
    Taste… What can I say… Oral… What spices this up is bring some ice cubes into the mix… It’s orgasmic!
    Hearing…. Moaning … All those carnal noises… Very hot! I think the best is when Sir… Whispers those very confident… dirty little things in my ear… My favorite! ❤❤❤
    Touch… A ritual touching… When Sir leaves for a business trip or when he returns. He makes sure he touches me all over every piece of me.. First thing I know to strip down and wait for his touch. He kisses down my back and whispers sweet nothings… A way to mark me ….as his.. ❤
    Smell… A lot of dominates do not like a lot of perfumed scent but, my Sir loves scent… I love to bring lotions to him when I’m still hot from the shower. He rubs the lotions into my skin and the smell of it it he air is intoxicating. It leads to a very sensual scene… ❤❤❤🐇


    • LK…love all your senses ideas. Removing the sense of sight just puts it all on another level. We love to have music on that has the feel of being somewhere else. We put a song on repeat and it just helps set the mood. The instrumental “Mermaid” by Sade has that feeling of being on the beach. We also have (had…it broke & we need a new one) an essential oil diffuser that spills over with fog and changes colors. It has a water bubbling sound and makes the room very spa-like.


      • That sounds very lovely! Hot! My Sir likes classical music playing. I like sexy pop music … I like any of the music that’s got the chanting in it or middle eastern vib to it… I do love the classical piano to… Gee, I guess I’ll do it to about anything… Lol!
        I have this scenario in my head of you two.. With the “clapper” light thing where you clap and one moment your at the beach…the fog machine and the sound of waves crashing… Then you clap again, a disco ball comes out if the ceiling …A big screen roles down, cameras start rolling…. Your the most inventive theatrical person I know! I’m creative but you’ve gt me beat! You’re the coolest! ❤❤🐇


  3. Can’t make time for sex…

    You listed 4 easy steps. May I suggest a fifth? It should be listed as #1 though…

    1- Turn off the IPad and stop blogging…

    Just kidding LK! You are the best.



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