Hey everyone. Read my post, Sex is Like Food, and then head on over to my good friend’s blog, The Bedroom Submissive to take up her challenge. Here’s what LK wrote:

“How many ways can you use ice during your play in the bedroom? This can be done with a couple or singles… Please do all you can and report to me by the end of the week… I want lists… All of us can benefit from others experiences…

Don’t give yourselves frost bite! Hard to explain to the emergency room..

Yes, do give tips on playing with ice cream too! You get boner points… Oops…. vulgar slang.. sorry… but you’ll get bonus points for that! Lol!”

I’ve already posted our ice play on her site because that was on the agenda last night. Here’s what I wrote:

“Start with slightly melted ice cubes. Drip the ice slowly down between her breasts or if she’s on her hands and knees between her butt cheeks. The take an ice cube and slowly torture her through all her erogenous zones head to toe. She’ll let you know when you found a good spot. The wake of the ice should actually bring about a delicious warming sensation because the cold brings blood to the surface of the skin making everything more sensitive. Ice between the legs and on the perineum is beyond words. Torture by ice!”

Enjoy the challenge and have fun!

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