Thursday is “Her Day”

Do yourself and your Sir a favor and ditch the dreaded

“Granny Panties”

Stop the insanity!
No more granny panties!

Seriously, do you have them in your drawer? Granny panties are lazy and ugly and sooooo not sexy. You should always be appealing to your Dom by wearing something that makes you and him feel appreciated. Oh, I can hear you whining now, “But what will I wear when I have my period?” You and I both know you’re not wearing those ugly old things only on the days you have your period. You’re also saying that bikinis and thongs don’t feel comfortable or that underwear is so expensive. Come on, you can get cute underwear from Target, for goodness sake. And you need to be training your ass anyway.

No more excuses!  There’s only one good use for you nasty granny panties…have your Dom use them for tying you up. You should be good and spanked for having them in the first place. Here are some granny panty alternatives:

These are for you, LK
So much cuter and black lace is our favorite.
Very hot. Black sheer is a fave as well.
How about boy shorts? They come in all colors and patterns.
Boy shorts with ruffles…super cute!
Personalized boy shorts….what a great idea! These are from Let him know you’re His!
These look like fun.

OK, you have your orders for the day. Today is the day you throw them away. It’s better to go commando than subject your bum, not to mention your Dom, to them. Send me a photo of your ugly granny panties (clean photos only, please…don’t be a skank) and the ugliest pair wins “The Dingy Crotch” award. That basically means I make fun of your granny panties on my blog.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Thursday is “Her Day”

  1. Ok I’m doing it! I’ve been planning on it for a while… You’re right since the D/s I never wear them even on my period! Down with the granny panties! I will send pic! ❤🐇


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