Song of Solomon, Chapter Seven

You are beautiful all over, from your feet up to the curve of your thighs. Your legs and thighs are defined and graceful.

I want to enjoy myself between your legs and lick all your juices.

I want to bind you up tight.

I want to suck on your breasts.

Everything about you is perfect…your neck…your lovely face…your glorious long hair…your sultry eyes…you are delightful.

Your breasts are mine to play with and to lick and suck.

I want to use your mouth for my pleasure.

my mouth is for you pleasure,  my beloved Sir. Fill my mouth to overflowing with your wine, Sir. i am yours and you desire me. Yes, i will go with you. my body is ready for you in every way. Do everything to me that pleases you. i give you myself completely. i have prepared our scene according to your instructions.

Your Future is Calling


Our D/s life has turned out to be one of our most fulfilling and rewarding adventures and we are excited by all the possibilities. We’re more in love than we’ve ever been. We’re more honest and thankful and at peace. Daily we learn and grow. Everyday we figure out how to jump the next hurdle and how to get back up and continue when we fall flat on our faces. For you married couples who are on a similar journey and trying to reconcile your past ways of dealing with your spouse with this new life you’re embracing, just know that you’ll get through those rough patches. As a Dominant, you need to give your sub your reassurance and your strength. She has to know you mean what you say and say what you mean. As a submissive, you need to allow your Dom room to make mistakes and submit your will to him. He needs your submission and needs to know that you are commited to your new life together. Don’t give up when your past comes calling. Hang up, hang on, and hang tough. It’s worth the reward and it’s all about trust…trust in each other and trust in the journey. xoxo ~ Elle

I Want You Tonight


I miss you.
I miss your desire and warmth of your skin.
I miss your breath on my neck
I miss the way we begin.
I miss the look in your eyes and the smile on your face.
I miss the ripple of muscles in your strong embrace.
I miss you.

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Out of Bondage Comes Freedom

Today is Pesach (Passover) so to those who are Jewish or Messianic (like me)…Chag Sameach (Hebrew for joyous festival). I hope you had a blessed Seder.

Today we celebrate our deliverance from the slavery of Egypt. Slavery was imposed upon the Hebrews; it was not their choice and their bondage under a tyrannical pharaoh was severe. The Hebrews CHOSE to follow a deliverer, Moses, out of Egypt and CHOSE to obey a set of rules, instructions, and wisdom given to them at Mt. Sinai so that they could live a life of freedom. Sound familiar?

You may have picked up on my blog that I’m a spiritual person. I have a belief system. I chose to follow this belief system because I found it gave me freedom. It’s my choice. I’m not forced to follow any G-d. I’m not forced to submit. I willingly chose my way of life and choose to give my submission to a very specific G-d and only that G-d.

There are rules on both sides. I have rules that I need to follow and my G-d has promises that He keeps.  The rules and instructions were designed and written in such a way that those who choose to follow can be set-apart from the rest of the world. All of the practices and rituals serve as a constant reminder to submit so that throughout my day, especially when I find my heart and my mind drifting in a vacuum of insecurity, I know that I am not alone and that I am loved, cared for, and unique. I am set-apart by this G-d and I am in His able care. I give my G-d my power and will and He gives me strength and love. I am free to leave at any time. If I choose to stay in the relationship, then there are instructions I must follow. Over time, and through conviction, I have been able to incorporate and have even learned to wholly embrace many rules and regulations that I never thought I would be able to follow, let alone enjoy and desire. Again, sound familiar?

I have been able to reconcile and unite my D/s life with my spiritual life  because it’s a way of life that I already had a foundation in and these two lives are now symbiotic. Everyday I become better at my D/s life and am able to serve my Sir on levels I never understood previously because I was fragmented and disjointed. Sir has been able to understand, require, and relish my submission. I, in turn, desire his dominance out of a profound respect for his wisdom and proven character and willingly give and bind myself to him.

The Song of Solomon, Chapter Six

submissives: Have you found your Master? Do you know where he went, beautiful one? We have come back to tell you that we will help you find him.

He has returned to me after being with his past submissives! He came back for me and took my body and mind completely. i am his completely and he owns me. He has chosen me from all the others.

My little darling, you are beautiful and delightful. You are also strong and very proud.

You carry yourself with distinction and confidence. You have taken my discipline and are ready for all of the plans I have for you.

Your eyes are enticing. Now turn your eyes down and show me you are humble.Your hair is long and luxurious and cascades down your shoulders, breasts, and back as a veil of humility.

I can see your demure smile from behind your veil. I also see the red flush appearing on your cheeks and temples as I started speaking of my plans for you.

I have had many submissives. There are also many who have sought me out as their first Dominant.

I am your first and you are the most genuine submissive from among your mother’s daughters and the purest of any that I dominated. They all look to you in admiration of your authenticity.

submissives: Her radiance is lovely to behold and she reflects who you are so brilliantly and brightly. When we see her, we see you. It is apparent she has received her strength and grace from you.

i gave myself in discipline to the other Dominants so that i may better understand my submission and know that your training was complete. The instruction led me back to you and made my heart long for my true Sir.

 submissives: Return to him again, oh peaceful one who is a true reflection of her Dominant. We want to see your scene of love.

What do you think you will see? You will see our dance. You will see my surrender of power and his receiving of my will. 


Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle