The Song of Solomon, Chapter Three

I have been dreaming of you and longing for you for many nights. You have not come for me in a long time and in my dreams I searched for you and did not find you.

In my dream, I got up from my bed to find you. I went to the city to the secret places searching everywhere for you. The Dominants found me wandering in the city and I asked them if they knew my Sir. Not long after I inquired of them there you were in front of me. I clung to you and refused to let you go. I brought you back to my childhood home and to my bed and asked you to fill me.

Ladies, I implore you that you must make sure you are properly aroused so you’re ripe and ready to be filled and so that your body responds as it should.

I see him approaching with a show of all his  wealth, splendor, and power. He is approaching with an entourage and he is coming for me.

See, ladies, he’s coming for me and he’s letting everyone know he wants me.

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