The Song of Solomon, Chapter Four

You are so beautiful, my darling, so very beautiful.

Your eyes are piercing behind your veil; your hair is so long and lush.

Your smile is bright and perfect.

Your lips are scarlet and so very kissable.

And I love how you blush as I speak to you of your beauty.

Your neck is graceful and proudly displays your collar.

Your breasts are for me to suck. I will have my way with your breasts and all the way down through your fragrant garden until the break of day.

My little darling, your body is perfect and lovely.

You are mine. I will take you away and free you. I will bring you higher than you have ever gone before. I will push you to limits you never knew existed.

You have taken my heart. You have excited me by the way you look at me so demurely and with how proudly you wear your collar.

You are so exquisitely beautiful and you are mine.

I am intoxicated by your beauty, your love, and your delectable scent.

I love your sweet tasting lips.

I love the feel and taste of your tongue swirling with mine.

You are mine and only mine. No other will touch you. I am the only one who will ever enjoy your delights.

The delights of your body are for my pleasure only.

You are the finest of delicacies and those delicacies are mine to posses so that your pleasure builds and then flows out of you like flowing streams.

Β Pleasure has swept over me and I will come for you. The pleasure has built and is going to flow out. I am for your pleasure, Sir, my beloved, and all my delicacies are for you to eat.


3 thoughts on “The Song of Solomon, Chapter Four

  1. Flowing…. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊… Got that part down…
    ….Loving every chapter! Can’t wait for the next.
    Lol! β€β€β€πŸ‡


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