House Rules

Do you have rules in your house? We have always had rules and really do try and follow them. There have been times that we’ve lost our way and practically threw all of them out, but we were always able to come back to them because we wrote them with each other’s best interest at heart. I really believe this is why we have been together so long. No matter what our trials have been, we truly have a strong desire to be married to each other and provide for and nurture our children to the absolute best of our abilities.

Today I’ll give you the rules we have for our entire family because it’s a really good beginning for our D/s marriage and has laid the foundation. It’s something we can fall back on when life gets out of control. We instituted these specific rules seven years ago, right after our son was born and our children are very good at letting us know when we break our own rules. Funny how they don’t see the humor when they break them.


We put God first by worshiping Him, seeking Him, praying to Him, surrendering to Him, and by studying to show ourselves approved. 

We speak the truth in love and always consult and inform each other about what is going on in our lives.

We use kind and respectful words about ourselves, to one another,and give a good report to anyone who asks.

We display gentle and kind actions toward ourselves and toward one another. 

We pray for, help, support, encourage, uplift, respect, trust, and care for one another.

We replace all negative words and thoughts with words and thoughts of joy and find the humor and laughter in everything.

We listen intently, give generously, and share completely.

We do as we’re told quickly and efficiently.

We spend our time and finances wisely so that we can have more time and finances.

We participate in one activity at a time, finish what we start,  and pick up after ourselves when we’re done.

We always use good manners and proper etiquette.

We keep our home orderly, neat, and clean and take good care of our home and belongings.

We eat well, sleep well, stay physically active, and treat our bodies with respect and dignity.

We always seek to learn new things, acquire new skills, and improve our minds.

We’ll always trust and love each other forever.