My Rules

Replace Negative Self-Talk with Positive Self-Talk.

1. What if I try and fail? 1. This will work for me!
2. This is difficult… 2. Challenges are made to overcome!
3. I can’t do that… 3. I’ll do that and to the best of my ability!
4. If only I were ____ I would. 4. Because I am _____ I will do this.
5. Why does this always happen? 5. Good things always happen to me.
6. I never get anything right… 6. I always learn from my mistakes and failures.
7. I’m stuck in this rut… 7. Now is a great time to get into a new groove!
8. I’m such a screw-up. 8. I like myself.
9. I wish I had _____. 9. _____  is on the way!
10. There goes another opportunity… 10. Things always turn out for the best
11. I’ll never get there… 11. I am stretching towards my biggest goals.
12. I am cursed. 12. I am blessed
13. Why doesn’t this happen for me? 13. That’s more like it!
14. He’ll never change. 14. I will change so I am bigger than the problem.
15. My kids aren’t listening. 15. I will work to become a more effective parent.
16. I can’t lose weight. 16. I am healthy.
17. My boss ignores me. 17. I always strive for excellence.
18. Why don’t I ever get a break? 18. I am not a helpless victim.
19. I have no time to exercise. 19. I make time to exercise.
20. I’ll never get out of debt. 20. I take small steps each day towards my financial goals.
21. He never listens. 21. I need to better understand him.

Work towards being in the best shape I can possibly achieve.

Eat as healthy as I can each day.

Be as happy as I can everyday and find the joy and laughter.

Do not interrupt Sir when he is speaking!

Remember that I can tell Sir anything.

Assist Sir with any aspect of his business that he’s delegated.

I must consult Sir before volunteering for any position at church or the kids’ school.

I must consult Sir before planning any outings or events that would include the both of us.