My Rules

Replace Negative Self-Talk with Positive Self-Talk.

1. What if I try and fail? 1. This will work for me!
2. This is difficult… 2. Challenges are made to overcome!
3. I can’t do that… 3. I’ll do that and to the best of my ability!
4. If only I were ____ I would. 4. Because I am _____ I will do this.
5. Why does this always happen? 5. Good things always happen to me.
6. I never get anything right… 6. I always learn from my mistakes and failures.
7. I’m stuck in this rut… 7. Now is a great time to get into a new groove!
8. I’m such a screw-up. 8. I like myself.
9. I wish I had _____. 9. _____  is on the way!
10. There goes another opportunity… 10. Things always turn out for the best
11. I’ll never get there… 11. I am stretching towards my biggest goals.
12. I am cursed. 12. I am blessed
13. Why doesn’t this happen for me? 13. That’s more like it!
14. He’ll never change. 14. I will change so I am bigger than the problem.
15. My kids aren’t listening. 15. I will work to become a more effective parent.
16. I can’t lose weight. 16. I am healthy.
17. My boss ignores me. 17. I always strive for excellence.
18. Why don’t I ever get a break? 18. I am not a helpless victim.
19. I have no time to exercise. 19. I make time to exercise.
20. I’ll never get out of debt. 20. I take small steps each day towards my financial goals.
21. He never listens. 21. I need to better understand him.

Work towards being in the best shape I can possibly achieve.

Eat as healthy as I can each day.

Be as happy as I can everyday and find the joy and laughter.

Do not interrupt Sir when he is speaking!

Remember that I can tell Sir anything.

Assist Sir with any aspect of his business that he’s delegated.

I must consult Sir before volunteering for any position at church or the kids’ school.

I must consult Sir before planning any outings or events that would include the both of us.

8 thoughts on “My Rules

    • I sure will. That one sneaks up on you. My “aha” moment came when I accepted who I am instead of being something I’m not, but changing old speech patterns take work. Writing them out with the alternative really can help you make the change.


  1. Bravo… These are life lessons.. That you’re posting. We all need to print this and put it on the mirror that we wake up and look at each day! Very important. We are a work in progress… The sub in us tells us to make ourselves better and not just wish it but act on it! Great example of that!
    I still think you’re great just the way you are girl! ❤❤❤❤🐇


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