The Song of Solomon, Chapter Six

submissives: Have you found your Master? Do you know where he went, beautiful one? We have come back to tell you that we will help you find him.

He has returned to me after being with his past submissives! He came back for me and took my body and mind completely. i am his completely and he owns me. He has chosen me from all the others.

My little darling, you are beautiful and delightful. You are also strong and very proud.

You carry yourself with distinction and confidence. You have taken my discipline and are ready for all of the plans I have for you.

Your eyes are enticing. Now turn your eyes down and show me you are humble.Your hair is long and luxurious and cascades down your shoulders, breasts, and back as a veil of humility.

I can see your demure smile from behind your veil. I also see the red flush appearing on your cheeks and temples as I started speaking of my plans for you.

I have had many submissives. There are also many who have sought me out as their first Dominant.

I am your first and you are the most genuine submissive from among your mother’s daughters and the purest of any that I dominated. They all look to you in admiration of your authenticity.

submissives: Her radiance is lovely to behold and she reflects who you are so brilliantly and brightly. When we see her, we see you. It is apparent she has received her strength and grace from you.

i gave myself in discipline to the other Dominants so that i may better understand my submission and know that your training was complete. The instruction led me back to you and made my heart long for my true Sir.

 submissives: Return to him again, oh peaceful one who is a true reflection of her Dominant. We want to see your scene of love.

What do you think you will see? You will see our dance. You will see my surrender of power and his receiving of my will. 


Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle


15 thoughts on “The Song of Solomon, Chapter Six

  1. I’ve always thought biblical submission mirrored what we recognize as modern submission (D/s). I’ve also found this song interesting in its inclusion. It’s purely erotic, sensual, and a way to point out God’s desire for us to enjoy sex.


    • Well said, Cara. Sex was a gift to us to fully enjoy. Dominance and submission was given to us as a way for us to understand surrendering to a Creator. The Song of Solomon is the text that is read during Passover, which begins on Monday night at sundown. Many have questioned why the Jews, who consider these scriptures the holiest of all scriptures, read the Song during Passover. What’s the correlation? It’s to explain that out of bondage comes freedom. It’s to explain that life has joy and discovery. Life is erotic and passionate and we should be, too. The burning desire between a man and a woman, a Dominant and submissive, is the burning desire we need to have for our God.


      • I’m in tears here! This is so beautful Elle! Your comments “It’s to explain that out of bondage comes freedom. It’s to explain that life has joy and discovery. Life is erotic and passionate and we should be, too. The burning desire between a man and a woman, a Dominant and submissive, is the burning desire we need to have for our God.” have touched my soul….


  2. “Out of bondage comes freedom” Elle, I have been struggling with my Christian submission for some time now. My husband Dom and I discussed at length whether the D/s dynamic might help me with my overall spiritual tug of war with God. You have given me much to think about. I spent a lot of time struggling with whether D/s could be acceptable in a Christian marriage before I stumbled upon your blog and the blogs of other married couples. I lurked for months and finally took the plunge and talked with my husband about it. He saw no conflict and here we are. Men seem to be able to boil it down more simply. I look forward to other ideas you share as I continue to wrestle with my faith.


    • I’m glad this helps. I will be revamping this and diing a side-by-side with the scripture. The Torah rituals in it mess up Christians because they don’t understand it. The Torah is all over the NT as well, but if you don’t understand the Torah you can’t really understand the NT. Jesus directly quoted from the Mishnah many, many times. The Mishnah is the written down oral tradition passed through all the generations of the Hebrews. It forms the first part of the Talmud. These are the writings NT commentators say are to be done away with and yet Jesus used them. What people miss….always….is the Heart of God. The Pharisees missed it and Jesus let them know. We have Christian Pharisees too.


        • Everything in steps. You learn, you step out in trust, you grow. It’s not always the successes that help you grow, but the failures. Your husband will be there to catch you. That’s the child-like faith the Word speaks of. In a sense, our Doms are like Daddies (fathers). We don’t have to be littles to understand. But they are to emulate our Heavenly Father and exhort and correct; edify and reproove. This is for our benefit. They chastise when needed and praise and reward when warranted. They provide and withhold. “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” is very fitting.


          • I’m trying to see that. I am disillusioned with church and, in a sense, Christianity but not with God. It is not a comfortable place for me to be. I recognize my own desire to be whole and complete but find that church is not where that is happening for me anymore. D/s in a sense, is helping me see that through submission I do have freedom, as you mentioned above. Soon I hope to be brave enough to examine how that fits with my view of my spiritual relationship. For now, I just am holding on and coasting. I know God is big enough for my doubts and fears and that He is waiting for my little mind to find out how I fit. I am seeing so much more clearly how my Dom represents that in my life in a tangible way. That is helping. However, I am impatient and would like the effort to be over.


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