Your Future is Calling


Our D/s life has turned out to be one of our most fulfilling and rewarding adventures and we are excited by all the possibilities. We’re more in love than we’ve ever been. We’re more honest and thankful and at peace. Daily we learn and grow. Everyday we figure out how to jump the next hurdle and how to get back up and continue when we fall flat on our faces. For you married couples who are on a similar journey and trying to reconcile your past ways of dealing with your spouse with this new life you’re embracing, just know that you’ll get through those rough patches. As a Dominant, you need to give your sub your reassurance and your strength. She has to know you mean what you say and say what you mean. As a submissive, you need to allow your Dom room to make mistakes and submit your will to him. He needs your submission and needs to know that you are commited to your new life together. Don’t give up when your past comes calling. Hang up, hang on, and hang tough. It’s worth the reward and it’s all about trust…trust in each other and trust in the journey. xoxo ~ Elle

3 thoughts on “Your Future is Calling

    • You’re not alone. There are many like us who, for a myriad of reasons, waited to share. We waited until it started to sear, then the deep longing burned a hole straight through our souls. Still, we waited until one day we just couldn’t bear it any longer and that hole started spilling all our secrets. We confessed it all. Miraculously, in my case, he was there to catch it and not let it go.

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  1. This is so true. The submission is worth the pay off…. In so many ways. The foundation of truth & honesty that’s used in D/s is the true pay off. You fall go back to your vanilla ways then get up wipe it off and reassure your Dom this is what you want…
    Great Post Elle!


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