Daily Intentions


Make every day count. You can’t just wing it and hope it’ll all work out in the end. Set your intention for the day. Submit so that you’re open to receive and then you can get through your day with grace. No matter what the day brings you’ll have the strength to persevere with dignity and resolve. Choose love. Choose joy. Choose peace. Thank you, Sir, for teaching me this lesson. Thank you for praying over me everyday and making me part of your daily intention. I love you.

9 thoughts on “Daily Intentions

  1. I have said something similar since my early 20s. Prepare yourself so that you are ready and open to receive. Let ‘it’ arrive when it is ready to arrive. This means cleaning out closets and purging. Getting your ducks in a row. I am working on that myself right now.


    • How fortunate you are to have known this wisdom in your 20s. Live with expectation that good will come your way. Part of my annual Passover preparation cleaning is to purge our house and life of the items that cause us to stumble such as horrid photos, broken items, junk on my computer, et al. Then we go around fixing things. That time of year is all about purpose and intention.


      • I sometimes fail to use the wisdom, but I am aware of it. If you want something, anything, prepare yourself for it and it will come to you.

        I am purging too. I am preparing myself for the things I need by ridding myself of the stuff I no longer need. It’s not about acquiring new material items, but creating a space by emptying it; becoming a blank canvas; breaking ground so new things can grow.


        • Your last line…breaking new ground…is so aptly put! Within Christian circles, everyone talks about the harvest, but you don’t receive the harvest until you break the ground, remove the stones, and prepare the soil. I actually find this part to be the most fulfilling. If you’ve ever had a garden, you know how amazing it is to see an abundance grown because you took the time to prepare properly.


          • I am a gardener, so I understand that process. It feels good to get rid of “stuff”. I am cleaning the sticks and stones out of the soil that I am rooted in. Giving myself some room to grow.


    • I’m so glad! My husband and I just talked about taking the time at night, as our heads hit the pillow, to go through things that didn’t turn out the way we wanted and to “image” and “create” a different scenario in our minds and hearts. The more you do this the more you’ll see those things materialize in your life and outcomes will be different. It takes practice.

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