Song of Solomon, Chapter Eight

i want you as more than my Master. i want us to be together always. i want to kiss you in public. i want to be a wife and a submissive according to my mother’s instruction. We could drink from each other whenever we wished.

Ladies, my Sir put his left hand under my head and used his right hand to properly pleasure me. You must make sure you are properly aroused and ready.

Onlookers: There they are together and he is supporting her!

I have awakened you erotically as you knelt before me. Your mother taught you how to submit.

Set me as a seal upon your heart, Sir. Wrap me around your arm as men do according to the command to wrap  tefillin around their arm so that when the leather straps are unwound it leaves marks on the skin as a reminder.

my love for you is as strong as death for when death takes over it is irreversible. i am on fire for you and this fire cannot be quenched. A flood could overtake me and yet i would still burn with passion. i am filled with jealousy and do not want anyone else to have you. If a man were to offer me all of his wealth for my love i would utterly despise him.

We have a little sister at home who is not yet a woman and does not have breasts. She needs to grow and to learn to submit so that she does not choose her own way when the time comes for her to be given.

i am grown and have large, firm breasts.  i learned to submit and through your eyes i have found peace, Sir.

You have taught many submissives and have taught Dominants to care for each of them. Those submissives paid to learn their submission. i do not want that life.

i have my own special place with you, Sir, and i am worth more than all of those submissives. 

Dominants, the submissives are listening for your voice. Possess your submissives and lead them.

i give you all that i am, Sir, and ask you right now to possess all of me. 

14 thoughts on “Song of Solomon, Chapter Eight

    • Everyones’s interpretation is so warped and off. None of them got the wrapping tefillin part because most Christians have no clue about Judaism. I’ve seen my husband’s arm after he’s wrapped tefillin and it leaves marks on the skin same the marks I see on my arms and wrists when he’s tied me up. It works so well for the BDSM spin I put on it all. Thanks for enjoying.


      • I am convinced that BDSM has been part of human life from the time we crawled down out of the trees. Not because it is obvious, but because it is inexorable. I think you’ve found it in the Christian bible… Solomon was an interesting character.

        The mind of a human is an extremely interesting thing… pliant, or not, yet adaptable. what makes each of them feel happy is indescribably indeterminate. That we explore, admonish and compare is evidence that we do not understand it. I revel in the fact that there is no right and wrong, only shades of grey.


        • I agree that it has been around from the beginning. I have no problem taking poetic license with this story. The Catholic church has been doing that all along by stripping it of any sexual content. I look at things more from a Jewish perspective, which acknowleges the eroticism and considers the Song of Solomon to be the holiest of all scripture! Jewish commentary weaves a very different picture, but even then fails due to allegorical biases. The D/s dynamic, which I consider an art form, has been hidden through time and has been perverted and warped out of ignorance, insecurity, fear, and, dare I say, misogyny!


            • Well worth the time to check some of it out. Afterall, the book was written by Jews for Jews. It’s filled with so many Torah laws that Christian commentators NEVER pick up on, such as the laws of niddah and wrapping tefillin. I added those because they were as plain as day for me…someone who practices the laws of niddah and my husband wraps tefillin. Mind you, I was raised Catholic an my husband was raised Christian. We are now Messianic, which happened after years of study. We also had the inkling that my mom’s side of the family were Italian crypto-Jews before coming to the US. DNA has revealed that it’s most likely the case.


              • I’m not completely unaware. I did not know the name for tefilln but was aware of the practice in some level of detail. I’m going to guess that you’re fairly familiar with the term ‘minority’ by now. wow.


                • Minority as in Italian woman of probably Jewish decent married to a black man practicing a religion that honors Torah law and Yeshua as the Messiah, involved in a D/s marriage while participating in BDSM and has taken some considerable poetic license with a controversial biblical text so as to shine a light on probable D/s relationships in the bible, open up the erotic nature of the text, and turned it into an S&M story? Then yeah, I’m familiar with that term. Being in the minority never bothered me on any level.


                  • It’s probably a good thing being in the minority doesn’t bother you 😉

                    I thought being anti-theist, nihilist, and equalist was minority enough. You win the prize … lol, but I like it.

                    Even the Christian contortions of the text turn wife into slave… always been an interesting point to me.


  1. Wonderful chapter… ❤🐇
    she said she doesn’t want the life as a submissive that she wants to be his wife, correct?


    • She wants to be both his wife and submissive (like us) and this is the way she was taught by her mother. She is now trying to set the example for her little sister. She has admitted her deep, passionate love for him as more than the love a sub would have for a Dom. She has also admitted her jealousy (all consuming….like death). She wants to be the only woman in his life and she is pleading with him. She is also calling out to the Dominants and submissives that her beloved has trained and tells them to be with each other only because she wants him all to herself. Basically, she’s stating her main “hard limit.” She has made a very bold move. It’s showing that a submissive can have a voice and express her desires. You’re allowed to feel. She wants him to possess her in every way a man can possess a woman.


  2. I’m so glad you wrote these beautiful words Elle. You are helping me to allign my faith with my D/s-M. I think the warped views of the world that you mentioned, have had me question whether we were doing what was right in our Christian walk and within our marriage. But you have helped clear up some of those doubts. I really appreciate your deep knowledge of the Scriptures! Thanks for posting these!


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