Raquel ~Total Beauty and Fitness

I was going through a box of sheets and pillow cases shoved into the back of my closet this morning when I found at the bottom of that box some old VHS videos that somehow got stored in the box. What do I discover? My old Raquel Welch yoga video! I was so excited that I actually squealed because I thought it was long gone. However, our VHS player is what is long gone so there’s no way to play it. I jumped on Amazon to see if I could buy a DVD, but they didn’t have anything. Then I Googled it and found the YouTube video…Yay!

This video came out in 1984 when I was in acting school in NYC. I used to do it everyday, sometimes twice a day…religiously! I was attending dance classes in NY as well as the required movement classes at school and was extremely flexible. I have a few yoga DVDs on my shelf, but they never inspired me the way this one did.

I haven’t done it in a long time and really can’t tell you why I stopped. Well, I think maybe I can since I’m mulling it over.Β It just may be that this video turns me on because it TURNS ME ON! It’s not an attraction to Raquel that I feel, but the way she oozes a confidence and seductiveness that I would like to possess. I used to feel so sexy after doing this video. All my other friends were doing Jane Fonda, but Raquel was my girl! She’s sexy, curvy, strong, kittenish, and campy.

I think during the years when my sexuality started shutting down my desire to do anything sensual shut down with it. I remember putting this video on only twice a week and then once a week and then…never. I was a total hottie and should have been proud of myself, but it brought me too much attention and that attention made me nervous because I didn’t know how to handle it. Well, I do now and I’m proud of me! I will start again TODAY and enjoy my sensual ride. Maybe I’ll even do the video naked with my smartballs, and possibly my butt plug, nicely inserted. Why the hell not? I want to own who I am and how I feel. By the way, I believe it was the exercises in this video that gave me a teeny-tiny waist so I’m going to go back at it with a fervor because summer will be here soon.

Love you, Raquel. I hope to look like you when I’m your age because you’re timeless!

6 thoughts on “Raquel ~Total Beauty and Fitness

  1. I just might do that! We can Skype exercise together.. Oh yeah it may be alarming because we will be naked, have balls and plugs in… Snorting with that visual!


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