Lessons In Submission – Lesson #1

If I speak badly about any part of me – my beauty, my body, my intelligence, my emotions, my personality, my abilities and talents – I am not putting myself down, I am putting my Sir down. It is as if I am telling him he has no taste or discernment or that he has no idea what he is doing or thinking.

My Sir loves everything about me . He loves my beautiful face, my sexy body, my laugh, my mind, my heart, my gifts, my cooking, my sense of humor, my compassion, my resourcefulness, my strength, my determination, and my faith. I believe what he says about me and I embrace all that I am because he embraces me.

I love you, Sir. Thank you for loving me, enjoying me, lusting for me, dominating me, and always believing in me. You have very good taste!

28 thoughts on “Lessons In Submission – Lesson #1

  1. BRAVO! Im always telling My Love no negative talk about MY gift. If you are truly giving your self as the wonderful gift that you are…Why on earth would you give him anything less than the best and most beautiful.Dont insult me or MY GIFT! This is excellent insight!!


    • Thank you, Sir, for your kind words. We MUST see ourselves through our Dominant’s eyes as it truly is the ultimate expression and actualization of the trust we have in our Master.


  2. Your Sir has great discernment!
    I agree, If I say something negative about myself, my Sir gets very angry with me. It’s a bad habit that I need to stop doing.
    Wonderful post! ❤❤❤❤❤🐇


    • We’ll hold each other accountable. We’ll cut each other off when we hear the negative come out and help replace it with the positive words our husdoms want us saying.


  3. This is very lovely, and it is one of my hardest lessons. Daddy says that he will work until the end of time if he must to help me to see myself as he sees me.


    • How beautiful is that! What a fortunate woman you are. See it his way now…own it! My Sir told me the other day that when he sees me taking care of myself it’s the manifestation of the words he spoke over me and that what he has said has not gone out void. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Elle you put so much feeling when you write that it feels like the words wrap you in warmth when you read them. Beautiful. This will be a hard lesson for me to believe in even with my Hus/dom telling me that I need to see what he see’s the beauty that lays within me.But all I can see are the scars left by 15 operations in 6 yrs and you can’t play hard anymore because you may fracture a bone. Now I’m
    depressed 😦 and Sir isn’t here.


    • Thank you for your kinds words. I won’t pretend to understand what you’ve been through and the pain you’ve had to endure. We all come out of something and either have external scars or internal scars (some have both). Mine are mostly internal, although I do have a couple of scars on my body from a time I do no wish to go back to. I have prayed for so many years for relief from the pain. I am 47 so I’ve been praying a long time. The answer to my healing was always there, but I never embraced it…until now. Once I allowed my husband to fully have me (body,soul, spirit) it’s as if a cloud lifted and my heart began to heal. I am a woman of faith and for the first time in my life I understand the surrender I’m supposed to have. My faith has grown as a direct result of FINALLY allowing my husband to have my mind and heart. He has been doing the work of tearing down my walls so he can rebuild me. My obedience to him has set me free of the chains I imposed on myself by the world and my own self-deprication. I will write a post on this because it’s another submissive lesson.


      • First, let me say thank you for the reply. I had surgery 2 weeks ago, so last night was a bad night for me so I took some Vicodin an hour before reading your post which touch me deeply on a personnel level. I think the Vicodin made me more depressed and feeling sorry for myself than I normally do.
        ( first time taken Vicodin 7.5 mg.DO NOT LIKE) I have both internal and external scars and my husband is the one that saved me physically and mentally from the internal ones. My husband has always owned my body, heart and soul. SPIRIT? I don’t know I will have to think about this more.I have trust in my husband to always do what is right for me. I had FAITH when I was a child but that was crushed and destroyed and taken from me by my (SICK and TWISTED) parents ( I’m actually being nice by using that title for them 🙂 ) I have all ready spoken with my husband about this issue. He will be home tonight from work and will be having a discussion about me and how I see myself… again. I will be looking forward to reading your post.
        Oh….I will be 53 soon.


        • I took Vicodin once and I’ll never do again. I hope you’re feeling better. The “spirit” part is meant more as the two of us not being separate in our faith. We have always walked that out together. We have a very active prayer life and he prays and speaks blessings over me every day. Here’s what I’m trying to say…it’s easy, really easy, to believe the lies about yourself. I lie to myself nearly everyday. I will be the first one to put myself down and I know it’s a result of what was spoken over me by some horrible people in my past. It’s one of the reason my husband speaks blessings over me. He wants his words to echo in my mind, not those of the people that tried to hurt me. You know your husband is speaking the truth to you and you know you should trust him enough to fully believe it. I know you know how fortunate you are to have a husband who loves you so completely. I am appreciating it more and more myself and each day it is easier for me release and allow him to give me what I need. Abundant blessing to you and lots and lots of healing.


  5. You are my most.precious jewel. You are.the apple of my eye. I want you to hold on to these words.and never forget them. I love you too and will always embrace you.


  6. I love you, Sir. Thank you for loving me, enjoying me, lusting for me, dominating me, and always believing in me. You have very good taste! So very loving and meaningful words that I had to repeat them. I know my sub loves me & I her!!!


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