Lessons in Submission – Lesson #2


You must take full responsibility for your submission. It is a great responsibility to submit. Treat your submission with respect by being the best submissive you can be and by tacitly obeying your Dominant through your agreed upon submission (tasks, projects, rules). Take your submission and embrace all of its’ beauty.

A Dominant needs submission as much as a submissive needs dominance. You submit so your Dominant has your PERMISSION to dominate. One of the main traits of a true Dominant is that he is always a gentleman. A gentleman will only take what you give. A gentleman will open the door for you and allow you to go first, so make sure you walk through that inviting open door with all your submissive grace and your own special submissive sashay. Trust me, he’ll be watching your submissive ass as you walk through that door.

18 thoughts on “Lessons in Submission – Lesson #2

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    • We’re all a work in prigress. There are days I’m so damned subbie and then days…well??? Sir is not a sadist as he’s a very sensual man so I only just received my very first punishment a few days ago.


  2. Total agree! I’m new at this D/s and I can be totally wrong here. II am submissive and I wanted my husband to be my dominant. But before I approach the subject with him I search the internet and came across some words a woman wrote. I looked at those words until I could repeat them without ever seeing them again. I own my submission, I take responsibility of this submission and it is a gift. So when I gave my my dominant there is no want or I need. it’s is the complete gift that he will receive and hr will respect this gift I give him and that is when we become as ONE.

    I own it. This beautiful thing, this slavery, this submission… I can permit someone else to taste it. Can give myself, body mind and spirit to another. And I can also know that I bring this energy to the table. When I own my submission, when I take responsibility for living in my authentic self, I become more fully…me.

    And that is a miracle. And that is a blessing. And that IS a gift.



    • Wow girl! So cool that you memorized those words. I researched submission for a long time, too. You have to be confident in your submission and really live it all day, whether he’s there or not. It will make his transition from work to home so much easier when he come through the door. I love being submissive. It’s as if all the problems melt away as I dig deeper and own it. My husband is so freakin’ sexy when he’s full-on Dom mode. I can’t get enough. We still have young children so we have to work around that. You are doing great! Can’t wait to hear more. If you have any questions you can email me…thesubmissionofelle@gmail.com

      ~Elle xoxo


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