My Husband Got All Dominant On His Ass!

Yesterday I got to see my husband in all his shining Dominate glory, but not in our bedroom or in our house – Sir was in full view of the public and man I am still turned on!

We started a youth organization and yesterday was our first practice. We went through all the proper channels of certifications, memberships, coaches criminal background checks, School District field usage permit, 3rd party insurance, registrations, advertising, business plan, etc. Our time, our track, our money, our business…period! The practice was going well and we only had 15 minutes left when along comes this guy with a few teenage athletes to work them out on our track. This man has a business doing this sort of thing because he drove a truck advertising what he does (I took pictures of his truck afterwards, just in case). The track is only for our athletes so while I was helping the kids at the long jump pit, my sexy-as-hell-Dominate husband walks on over to talk to this man. I could see the body language from across the field and I knew trouble was brewing. From what my Sir told me, he kept saying to the guy, “Excuse me…excuse me,” but the guy was purposely ignoring him. So Sir got in front of him and politely told him the situation and that he could use the track in 15 minutes. The guy then went ballistic and started screaming and yelling like a lunatic in my Sir’s face right in front of the children and their parents. Mind you, the kids ranged in age from 7-11 and our children were there, too. He was so insulted that he was asked to leave even knowing that he had no right to be there at that time. This man’s desperation caused him to throw out accusations and insults, even directing it at our kids because he didn’t feel that they were as worthy to be on the track as his athletes. He puffed himself up by saying to my Sir, “Who are you? I don’t even know who you are.” My Sir calmly said, “I’m the one who has the right to this track right now.” The guy didn’t want to see the legal proof.

If you’ve read this blog you would know that my first instinct was to pick up the big heavy rake that we use to smooth the sand in the long jump pit and race across the field to crack the guy in the head if I needed to. I actually heard the word, “STOP” as I turned and took two steps. Sir said later that if I had come over and the guy yelled at me we would have had a different outcome. If the guy had turned his rage at anyone else other than Sir we would have had a different outcome.

My Sir had everything under control, because unlike the over-bearing, loud-mouthed, blow-hard, crazy, domineering bully, my Sir was cool, calm, and in control. Sir handled the situation so beautifully, never raising his voice and speaking clearly and confidently. The man left to workout on the baseball diamond. Parents even commented on how impressed they were with how Sir handled it.

Seriously, can there be more of a turn-on to a submissive than seeing a true Dominate masterfully handling a hard situation without breaking a sweat? SO FUCKING SEXY!

FYI…I had to go back to the track because I thought I left something (we were in two different cars) and the dude was still on the baseball field, obviously knowing he was wrong, totally put in his place, and much too afraid to go back to the track.

It’s hard to match a photo to what took place yesterday, so here are some photos of what I want to do to/with my husband…My Sir, whom I love with all my heart and who has captured my heart in every way.

Here’s also a great blog that goes into some great points about Dominant vs Domineering

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

28 thoughts on “My Husband Got All Dominant On His Ass!

  1. Congratulations with the youth organization! I wish you both luck with it because kids today need all the help they can get. I hear you …it is a wicked sexy turn on. My Sir is the same way even when the other person he’s confronting is a total asshole. But…he can also be silent and deadly if he needs to be. Those pic’s you posted are making me hot over here and I don’t have my penis phone handy to help me out. Lol! ♥♥


    • Thank you! We’re excited. Ooh, I like the sound of silent and deadly and I know exactly what you mean. Penis phone, scheamish phone…break out the Magic Wand. Mr. Hitachi knows what to do.


      • 😦 No can do….Need his permission and he is sleeping…He went to work at 2am and got home at 8pm and I have to wake him back up at 2am to go back to work. It’s 24/7 D/s on this end…I have know children at home. But I have Wednesday to look forward too it’s my birthday and he’s taking day off from work to be with me. Plus I’m happy to find out tonight that he’ll be back to normal hours starting next Monday which is 6 am to 4:pm. Which will finally have some time to really talk about us and D/s. .


        • I’m one of the few subs out there that has my Dom’s permission to take care of business when I need to. I prefer him, believe me I do, but there are days and times that I’m like a pressure cooker and need the release. I always let him know, however, before and after. What are your birthday plans?


          • I only know a bits and pieces, he’s doing the planning…Lol! I he’s going to serve me breakfast in bed (food ladies). He always cooks when he is at home, its his passion and he is very very good at it. He gets into so bad that he’ll do a four course meal for dinner. Where going out but I don’t know where? He wants to spend the evening home and I do believe he’s has very nasty plans and it has something to do with playing pool. Now we had this table for 20 years and I played with my son every day for ten years. until he moved out 2 years ago. So I’m pretty good and I can kick my Sir’s butt…. he has never beaten me.yet. He told me it is a guarantee done deal that he will not lose.
            We will see…but i believe I will be at a disadvantage. 🙂 I might not win the game but I will win in the end. :).


              • Yes… Nasty is very good. 🙂 :). I asked him why he wanted to play pool before he went to work this morning. He said we don’t play cards so you figure it out why will be playing pool and he had a big smile on his face when he walked out the door. So…… Maybe I’ll tell ..Maybe I won’t. LOl 🙂


                  • Lmao..,did I ever tell you that I like to tease a lot! Remember why I got my name. 🙂 I spoke with Sir at 1pm because his on the road so we could talk openly. I told him I figured out. but he was still going to lose that evening, He’s reply… was no way because you will be wearing less than me when we start the game. My reply with respect was…..I’m still going to win and theres two balls that I won’t miss my shot with…. so you figure it out. I know I won’t be able to take a shoot without Sir interfering…..but bring it on……..:) 🙂


              • LTS… You read 50 shades? The pool playing scene? You’re in for it! I’m soo jealous! Have a wonderful bday girl! I’m sure you’ll get lots of bday spankings… Watch for a shout out!
                Have fun! ❤🐇💍🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂


                  • I read it 3 times, too! That book helped me finally open up as I believe it did for so many women. People just don’t understand the repression that has been going on because they focus entirely on the writing or the fact that it was Twilight fan-fic. Who cares? It took D/s out of it’s dirty little hiding place and allowed us married 20 plus year/40 something year olds to put a name to a lifestyle that we wanted all along, but thought it was unattainable.


  2. Wow girl… this post…
    First congrats and good luck on the youth organization. Yay for you two.
    I so hear you about what your husband did being such a turn on… just reading this is making me sigh and I don’t even know your Dom…. your words are enough.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Watching the Dominant man… Is a wonderfully fabulous thing…what’s really great is he’s sooo good to you! Good for you… I’m very proud to call you my friend… Lucky girl!


  4. hispetitelle,

    Thank you very much for the link.

    I have to say, moments like that are amazing to watch. It is always amazing to me how my husband seems to grow larger before my eyes while remaining the exact same size. The masculinity just seems to ooze out and overtake his entire being.

    I love it.


    • You’re so welcome, Stingray. That blog really nailed the differences between dominant and domineering. I love the way you phrased that about masculinity oozing out because that is exactly what happened. Thank you for sharing that! How long have you and your husband been D/s?


      • We’re not really. At least not in the way I understand it being used here (which I don’t fully understand so forgive me if I struggle with describing what I mean). I think the distinction is a bit different on how my husband and I are D/s. You can help me out if I cam wrong. My husband is dominant in our relationship and I am submissive, but there are no hard and fast rules as I see some of the commenters above stated. Yes, I am expected to respect his decisions and always be respectful of him but we’re not part what I would consider the D/s community? Does that make sense?

        I don’t know much about D/s as I understand it here so I might be doing a terrible job explaining what I mean.


        • You did a fine job explaining and it’s not much different than how many of us express the D/s dynamic. Within the greater D/s community, which also encompasses BDSM, there is a traditional and ritualistic way of living the D/s dynamic that has been the protocol for many years and is taught and upheld throughout the leather community. On my blog, and several others, we respect that community, learn from them, and even incorporate some of the traditions and rituals that work for us, but we are basically a group of long-term married-new to the scene-D/s couples. We give the traditional community respect, but we’re doing things a little different. We also interface with the greater sex-blog community as well.

          My husband and I enjoy…need…want…many aspects of BDSM (pain & pleasure) and we like our kinky sex and are not afraid to express it and talk about it. However, we are private and do not do anything in clubs or at parties. We find that adding in some ritual and rules helps our heads and hearts to form deeper connections within our D/s dynamic. Work, school, children, family, and friends can make it very difficult to be fully who we are in public and even in our own house unless we are alone. Those rituals help get our D/s back in order. My husband is the head of our household and I fully respect him as such. I am a very traditional woman in that way. This world doesn’t understand femininity and has warped it with “feminism.” I read what you wrote about spaghetti westerns…I grew up with them and love the masculinity that they exude.

          I’m actually about to post on this subject later today so your comment is very timely.


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