Mine by Alvao De La Herran

This captured the intensity and sensuality I feel about my life of submission and my submission to my Sir. I am devoted to His pleasure and His needs. I am His. I will always and only be His.

Sir, when you whispered, “You’re mine,” to me this morning as I first opened my eyes you set my heart on fire. I love being claimed and owned by you.


I found this on tumbler and tried to reblog unsuccessfully, but discovered the original site.

mine copyIt is




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8 thoughts on “Mine by Alvao De La Herran

  1. The harness was made by Assaad Awad of Madrid


    He is a designer for Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc. and he has an online store. The harness is not for sale on his site and he has a limited online store. Mr. de la Herrán gave me the contact info for his press office to find out how to purchase it:

    Manu Garrido
    tel. +34 663223259

    I’m sure you’ll be making the contact, LK. I bet anyone willing to drop the coin can get what you want made. He’s a special order kind of guy.

    He announced this morning that he’s offering up to 70% off some unique pieces. I’m following him on Tumblr: http://assaadawad.tumblr.com/post/54417917510. That link will take you to his Tumblr site and then click on the online store from there to see the offers. His corset was going for 1,000 euros and they’re already sold out.


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