Lessons from Nature


These North American arachnids are natural hunters, and nowhere is that trait more prevalent than its mating habits. First, the male uses a sumptuous feast to lure a female; when she takes the bait and saunters into his web, the male then ties her up with silk threads that act as an aphrodisiac.

Lesson for Mankind: Tricking a woman into liking you with lavish stuff isn’t a long-term strategy, because she’ll eventually realize what a jerk you are. Also, never tie her up unless that’s what she’s into, and you’ve mutually established an audible safeword.

Read more at http://guycodeblog.mtv.com/2013/05/28/animal-mating-habits/

11 thoughts on “Lessons from Nature

  1. Great post… Terrible picture… The thing has spikes on its legs. And that looks suspiciously like blood on its mandibles. Well, I’ll just rock myself to sleep tonight…


  2. Good post – just to keep the goal posts in mind so to speak…respect at every turn. Love and so on. Good on you. And may the others get bitten!


  3. Elle this was a great article. Sometimes we tend to forget that all living things are born with natural instincts and if we don’t use them we wisely…we can easily became the prey.by unwanted preditors.



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