They work long hours or for a while they’re away

You’re home with the kids or by yourself all day.

It gets lonely at times, but you do have some friends

You can reach out to them to help your aching heart mend.

He’ll be back soon, that is for sure

Until he returns sub-port will help you restore.

Assist, recommend, laugh, and encourage

You’ll get through the hard times and your submission will flourish.






23 thoughts on “sub-port

  1. Love…. Button! So true! Thanks for pushing me in the cart… And I see you have your hat on…
    Thanks for your sub-port! Hugs!
    LK πŸ‡β€πŸˆβ—Bunny loves Kitty… Elle.. Not pussy! You dirty minded peeps! Lol!


  2. Love this post. Love all the sub-port. I am constantly telling my Sir, about all you girls. If I am laughing at a post he wants to know, what I read. He thinks it is funny how we are on here all the time. He is like “how many is there?” πŸ˜€ He said we gab on here like I gab with my sister. We are like the “Sister Sub Club!!! Even though we are all over the country I feel like we are all together. ( Does that make sense?) Just like my sister and I, we are in different states but we talk and text everyday, so it feels like she is right next door. You girls are great thanks for always answering my questions!😳 I would be lost without you all.


  3. I know I am so new to this journey yet (I “knew” a year and a half ago, but didn’t start trying to introduce it until about 7 months ago). But without all of you, I would have never made it even this far. The encouragement that I see is incredible and it helps keep me hopeful for my own future. πŸ™‚


  4. It’s wonderful to have others who “get” you, isn’t it? Finding other married submissives who understand the daily grind, have husbands who work a lot of hours, have children, and do as much switching between D/s and vanilla as I do really helped me put it all in perspective and not feel alone.


  5. You said it perfectly, Elle. The switching back and forth, is hard sometimes. Husbands are funny, they just don’t get us all the time. Mine does not understand what I could possible have to say to my sister everyday. Sometimes we talk about the most simple things and have a whole 2 minute conversation, ha ha. It is not like we chat for hours. 😊We need our friends, they help us through it all.


  6. This is a great post Elle!!! I am always trying to figure this new lifestyle out and following everyones blogs are so helpful and keep me grounded!! Been following you all for sometime thanks to my sis!! (sirslittlebutterfly) been on the quiet side of posting comments until recently. Im starting to feel like part of the sub club or as my sister puts it “sister sub club”!! You all are awesome!! Thanks sis for all our talks vanilla and kink!!!


    • I have to tell you that I am so impressed with you and your sister What an amazing bond to share of not only being sisters but both of you being able to share with each other this part of your lives. I have never had anyone that I could share my deepest thoughts with, with the exception of my husband. I’ve never trusted any female friend enough with any of my submissive tendencies over the years. LK was the first one I ever shared this with and I am so loving this community of women.


      • Thank you Elle…I am lucky to have a sister that totally understands….We both read 50 shades which started everything and the open lines of communication on the lifestyle. I too have several best friends and no way could I every open up to the degree I have with my sister and this community of women. Even though my sister and I have talked almost daily for the last 7 years since our passing of our mother, this last year has been the most intense and fun and life changing!! I want to go into the 2nd half of my life with my sir and experience a journey that will be mind blowing and fun and the more we learn from all of you the better!!! You fellow subbies are just awesome!!!


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