Should I Buy That Toy? A Handy Guide!

I found this over at and thought, “Wow, someone is as nerdy as me!” I love doing research and who doesn’t love a good flowchart.

Should I Buy That Sex Toy?

Sometimes a friend comes to me and wants my advice on toy shopping.  Often these friends are brand new to toys or want to try a new variety of toy.  I immediately start lobbing facts and demands at them.  No jelly!  Read reviews!  Stay away from packages containing porn stars!  I imagine it can be a bit startling for them.  But today I thought, hey, you know what would help?  A flowchart.  Yes, I am that nerdy.  I made a sex toy buying flowchart.  Wanna see?  I present to you…

I hope that helps those that need a little bit of help deciding whether that toy they’re looking at is likely to be a good buy, especially if money is tight.

37 thoughts on “Should I Buy That Toy? A Handy Guide!

  1. Won1! I use to be a ISO certified auditor and wrote documentation and did flow charts for company’s …this brings back memories and is a great idea for rating toys.


  2. I am hoping to go toy shopping with my Sir for my birthday next week! Will definitely keep this chart in mind 🙂 Serious business indeed! Hate to waste money!


  3. This is awesome!! I do so much research before buying pretty much anything…I’m always looking for the best deal & QUALITY…especially from sex toys..they need to withstand a lot of…abuse…use…you know.


      • I remember that commercial, thought not what it was for. Age, shmage. My teen made a ridiculous comment about “older” people like me (she used finger quotes as she said older!)… Hello? I’m 36! Not sure that qualifies me as “older”.


        • Oh, ugh….don’t you just love when kids do that? My newest peev is raising their eyebrows and say “Really”???? No, not really, I was just saying it to hear my own voice! I’m so not ready for the teen years!


          • Oh, that “really?!” drives me crazy. I have 15 and a half teen girl and 11 year old girl who tries to be just like big sis (though they bicker constantly)… Let’s just say I really look forward to adult beverages some nights!


          • This is why I sing opera in the grocery store…so I can embarrass them in ways they never dreamed of. I’ve even gotten sales clerks to sing along with me…AND…I make up fake Italian words! They shut up for the rest of the day after that. They’ll have good stories when they have kids.


              • You sound like very cool mom. There are days I get awarded The Wicked Witch of the West award. I’ve told you…I’m nuts. My father used to do it with me. I learned, though, to sing along with him and then we had a blast. We would sing songs from the Hit Parade as he was shaving every morning. My husband broke out in dance (pop and lock) at a track meet a few weeks ago. The kids were mortified. We’re just trying to get them to not take everything so seriously and not care what other people think.


            • My mother always sang showtunes/songs from musicals, no matter where she was or what she was doing. It MORTIFIED me as a child… yet I find myself doing it all the time now. Oh, I can’t wait to embarrass my own kids! 🙂


  4. Wow you really have wandered….I was going to um, say something or another about how I found my sex toy….but I think I have forgotten what I aws going to say….yes, mums do embarrass their children. That is their main mission in life. Or at least that is how it seems!


    • Wandered how? And yes, we mums love to embarrass our kids. See, they get to an age where they start getting embarrassed by us and it takes us by surprise because we were once considered cool when they were babies through age 8 or so…like superheroes. So we give them something to really be embarrassed about AND I get practice my really bad fake Italian opera. That’s a win in my book. It’s all about creating warm fuzzy memories that will last a lifetime. My humor is at my children’s expense…as it should be.


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