Mindful Monday – Homework Assignment

Hello, Class. Your regular teacher cannot be here to teach class today. It seems she is away on very important business. Not to worry, though, kiddies, she has asked me to fill in for her Mindful Monday class. I’m you’re sub-stitute teacher…


Today’s assignment is sure you keep you stimulated and very much aware of what’s going on down there. Your teacher would like all you lovelies to go out and buy some clit stimulating gel or cream to have delivered before next Monday (8/26) so that you are prepared for an assignment to be given on that day. It would be fabulous if everyone got something different so we can compare. Cost is minimal for this product, but I happen to know that many stores give away free samples; all you have to do is ask. You have a week and we know you’re up to the task.

Just think, your Sir may actually get the chance to say to you…

“Hey, baby, is that a pea in your panties or are you just happy to see me?”

64 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – Homework Assignment

  1. Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in that assignment. I cannot use stimulating gels or creams right now 😔
    I do agree with Lt, love the pictures! ❤


  2. OMG! I am still flying high from Sunday Fun Day and can’t wait to hear what LK has in store for our GoF! Maybe LK should prepare for our homework by completing a dry run through… Scratch that… A wet run through would be more like it!!! Never really enjoyed homework, but NOW I look forward to each assignment!


  3. OMG… I’ve got a pea in my panties!
    Lol! No really! Oh no that’s a crab.. Lol! A real beach crab! You guys have such dirty minds!
    Thanks Elle for the post.. You girls do as your told … Or she will put you in detention.. You think I’m hard core!
    I’m looking forward to put you guys all to work next week. But, for now please don’t give your Sub-stitute a hard time… Lol!
    LK 🐇❤

    Live the bunny pic!
    Hugs Elle… Don’t be to hard on them!
    Well… Go ahead!


  4. Reblogged this on The Bedroom Submissive and commented:
    Teachers out on vacation, but my wonderful, SUB-stitute p, Elle is helping me out.
    Make sure you get your school supplies so next week when schools in.. We will all be ready to do our homework. Lol!
    LK ❤🐇🐇🐇😛😛😛


  5. I’m in, I just ordered!!! And I hope my Sir (even though He’s still undecided about that) is on board for the homework next week.

    Although, I’m not sure how much additional stimulation I could even take. I enjoyed some very intense Vanilla sex last night… I don’t know if it’s all the writing I’ve been doing or my Hubby has just upped His game that much. But, I had TWO of those mind-blowing orgasms that seem to last forever. Shit, I’m getting turned on again just thinking about it!

    I love the pictures too, Elle!! “Pea in the panties” had me doing a double take!!


  6. Homework: Advanced Prep…Done!

    Student: Eagerly awaiting Homework Assignment… You betcha!!!

    Final Note: Let’s hope the postal carrier is as eager to DELIVER as I am!!!!!

    WARNING: This kitty is getting a little too frisky, Kitten Tamer, may just have his hands full tonight!


        • Lt… You are correct! Practice makes PURRfect!
          You know the saying, “It’s good to be bad”? Well, Kitty Tamer has been busy lately! Apparently, Kp has given him ample opportunities to practice “Cracking the Whip”!!! PURRRRRR!!!


          • Lol! I do know that saying, its why I have these initials
            “Little Troublemaker” I earned them. So you go Kitten and PURRR! your way to that whip. 🙂


              • KP….I believe we do, that’s why I hang out here…these beautiful ladies like Elle and Lk give so many wonderful ideas to get my submissive Ass in trouble.Not counting that all the ladies out here are a little bit crazy as I (me more so in the crazy department) and its been an honor to get to know them all.


                • Lt..you are a little crazier..LOL But some of us are right behind you!!! I feel the same way…always blessed with new friends (internet friends) lol


                    • Obviously, we all have too much time on our hands! Chatting, chatting and chatting! Our Sirs need to keep us busy on our hands, knees, back, stomach… Do you ladies agree?
                      But I really do enjoy our converations! Too bad school is starting soon! No more day chatting for me, but I will catch up with you gals in the evenings. Can’t risk my students catching sight of our chats!

                      PS. Keep us in stitches Lt! Need to hear more about the outings with the cuffs!! I wish I could have been there when you guys were checking out!


                    • I agree with the Sirs stepping up to keep us ladies busy …for sure. Yes the cashier was in shock and all I did was smiley. We live in the country not city…they aren’t use to seeing a women with a crop tank with belly piercing with black leather cuffs with rings making noise every time I used arm movement. They instantly looked with jaw dropping open…but no one spoke just stared.


  7. Oh I HAVE to have those panties Elle! They are adorable.

    Well, given that we will have an EMPTY HOUSE as of this weekend… and an anniversary to celebrate… AND DH had purchased this crème last year for our anniversary trip (I don’t recall it working but we can try again)… AND I found it when I was snooping a little… no reason we can’t try this assignment. I’ve been tempted to try the KY product since some reviews have been pretty good… but it’s pricey. Wish I knew where to get the free samples…

    (Now, hopefully my tears over all my babies being gone to college will have been cried out by then!)


    • Don’t you have a local toy/sex store in your town? We have several that are part of a chain. I have a hoot with the ladies at one. They’ve got all kind of samples of lube and clit gel. We had several packs of clit gel, but used it all up a while ago. I’ll get more over the weekend.


  8. Ms Elle.. sub-stitute teacher…Love it!!! and Love your teacher pic!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! as my sister tattled earlier I already have some cream….however I think I will visit the local store and see what else they may have…going away this weekend for our anniversary so might have to try it out and see. Can’t wait to see what Teacher has in store for us next week.. I too hated school and homework but this homework I am loving!!!! Great post on behalf of LK!!! Whoot Whoot!!!


  9. Just made my order…..I had some gel already…..tried some yesterday because we hadn’t used it in awhile….it wore off fast…so I decided to get something different. I even had a credit so it only cost me $5 and free shipping!


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