21 thoughts on “Housekeeper Wanted

  1. Oh! yes I believe I could do a super job house cleaning if Sir was cracking that whip behind me. I wouldn’t want to crack it…I rather receive it. Lol!


  2. I couldn’t crack the whip…. I wouldn’t want to clean either! Lol! I’m thinking house keeper like on FSOG…. Cute commercial!
    LK ❤🐇


      • I’m having a long island ice tea while packing which I hate right about now. I think cracking a whip would scare the vanilla cleaner Lol!


        • I love when I get told what to do in that total Dom way. He’s worked me out with that tone as well. Wish he could do it everyday. Enjoy your drink and packing. I actually love to pack, but I do not like to unpack.


          • I am with you Elle, don’t like to unpack and don’t like the mountain of laundry that comes with it…when we got home from vacation last time I had 9 loads of laundry to do, I threw it all into one pile before I separated it and it was such an impressive pile of laundry that I took a picture of it, ha ha. 👚👗👖👙👕


          • We are going two do laundry before we head home…for sure. I hate in packing also we just got done with everything but electronics will do that at 6 am. Elle I know I love it when he’s all Dom
            on me also…even though its 24/7 here Sir and I act like normal 50 % of the time. So when Sir does his Dominant mode its striking and turns me into jelly that my knees want to give out Lol!


            • I love that feeling so much. My breathe hitches, my heartbeat picks up, and I get that wave of pleasure that starts in my tummy and heads south. I thank him all the time when he’s like that and tell him how much I love it.


  3. Sis I think your right.. I need to work smarter not harder!! Lol… I can be a switch…business domme by day and sweet submissive by night!! Lol. Need to get an all male crew!! Lol then again my girls might like the change!! Lmao!!


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