Another Sausage Post for The Girls


It’s not actually a sausage, but I bet this dad can cook a sausage.

Disclaimer: Neither one of my children drew this picture and the man represented in this drawing looks nothing like their father, but I do agree with the statement that it is indeed “THE BEST COCK EVER!”

14 thoughts on “Another Sausage Post for The Girls

  1. Omg!!! This is a crack up!!! His hat looks like the head!!! Thanks for the giggles Elle!!! It’s been long and to dang hot today!!!


    • I needed the giggle, too. Long, hot day here, too. I’ve got my feet up on the coffee table, the laptop in my lap, Iron Man on the screen, and I’m working on my Kink, Fetish, and Fantasy Friday post. I’m good now.


      • Sounds relaxing!!! Gosh I can’t believe it’s ready Friday.. Wth!!! Can’t wait to see your post as always!!!! Cooled Down with a shower and we are off to a high school football game!! 1st one of season!! And it’s 100 degrees out still!! And we don’t even have a kid in high school anymore but love to see the alma mater !! Lol!! Call is crazy.. Well we already do dont we!!’ Lol


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