Therapy Spanking

I’m not talking about Domestic Discipline, Take in Hand, punishment, or an erotic prelude. I’m talking about spanking as a means of catharsis, healing, and stress relief.

Last week I received a spanking that helped me connect and center myself. It calmed me and put my mind at ease. It had nothing to do with showing me who’s in charge, correcting an action, or as a start to some playtime. The spanking was a way for us to draw closer on a primal level. We often ignore that side of ourselves and label it dark and dirty. Your primal self doesn’t mean evil and it doesn’t mean uncivilized, either. Your primal instincts are purely about feelings on the most basic level and not disguising all of your feelings with years of layers designed to keep people from seeing your core. The problem occurs when we cannot even see our own core anymore. We lose sight of who we really are, and most times, before we ever find out in the first place.

I have come to realize that spanking immediately opens me up and helps me think about what lives inside me and my deepest, darkest desires. Bringing your desires into the light isn’t about turning something bad into something good (what we think is bad can easily be imposed restrictions based on fear) or even about being able to see everything clearly (although that is certainly part of it). Admitting your darkest desires just means you can truly live with yourself.

Back to therapy spanking…

Frequent non-sexual spanking are one of my darkest desires…

To have genuine and complete catharsis…

To release…

To be vulnerable…

To trust…

To connect…

To be free.

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52 thoughts on “Therapy Spanking

    • I’m waiting for the tears too. Right now I get really quiet and seem to go into a trance-like state, but it’s not subspace. I think I’m on the threshold of a big breakthrough. I think the talking you through it is a big key.


  1. Great Post Elle! We all need a SMS (Set Me Straight) spanking. I call it SMS because it sets me straight on track again without the built up stress and pressure that we let consume and overwhelm us.


  2. Thank you for expressing this so well. I have copied and pasted it in an email to my DH, in hopes it might clarify what I seem unable to express to him with my own words. I so need this! So happy there is a sisterhood of fellow “believers” out there who gets this. Very comforting.


      • He seemed enlightened by it! At least he says he “gets it,” and as you’ll see in my latest post, I think he was inspired to take things to a higher level.

        Another analogy I thought of is how people like different sorts of massages… and that deep tissue massage can be painful (and isn’t for everyone… I don’t care for it); and that spanking is another form of physical touch that affects nerve endings in specific ways that can be relaxing or pleasurable for some.

        Thanks again for finding the words to express that. It was so helpful!


  3. Spankings… Show us they care. Whether pleasure or punishment. We crave that release it gives us…
    As a fellow “spankee” I say, More please, Sir, as tears roll down my cheeks…
    LK β€πŸ‡


  4. In essence this is what a scene does for me…. If I start to come undone and spiral … Having a scene does the same for me…
    LK β€πŸ‡


  5. I really relate to the therapy aspect of spanking. When I am out of sorts, I know this type of spanking re-centers me, as well as my master. It gives him back the control that emotions (especially hormone-induced ones) can threaten to take away from him. Thank you for your post.


    • You’re welcome. Those emotions can get the best of us. I’ve been working very hard on the hormone-induced emotions with diet, supplements, and exercise. Spanking is very much part of a comprehensive program.


  6. Great post, yet again Elle. Never thought about spankings in that context… I can totally see how it can be cathartic though. Sounds way healthier than keeping everything that’s bugging a person in and mulling about it. Hmmm some food for though… Thanks!


    • There are real studies out there, but I’m sure the controversy has kept this kind of therapy from getting the backing it deserves and unfortunately, there are abusers out there that really give it a bad name. Ask any submissive and they’ll tell you about the wonderful world of spanking and the benefits thereof. They don’t teach this in med school.


      • I hear you Elle, but I don’t any further proof. I know how a good flogging makes me feel… it calms me, centers me.. it clears my mind.. a warm dreamy feeling which I love. I totally understand how it could be therapeutic. Will probably be a controversial topic for years to come 😦


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