I’m Back! Did You Miss Me?


This is the mood I’m in and that’s a really good place to be. I am more in love with my Sir than ever. So many wonderful things to look forward to…travel, dance classes, fun new toys, and lots and lots of bondage and spankings. My imagination has run wild lately and I am ready for anything…ANYTHING!!!

We are just about ready to redecorate our bedroom and I am anxious with anticipation. We are going to make it very sexy with some hidden toy storage and some sound proofing. Yes, I know I promised to post those sound proofing ideas a while ago, but now I get to do that from experience. Lucky you!

A really good and long scene is a little overdue, but it’ll happen this Saturday. I’m looking forward to being sore and bruised. I want to see his mark on everywhere on my skin.

Hope all you kinky folks are living and loving your lives to the fullest. Be safe and give it your all because this is the only life you have. Mwah!

Thank You D/s Family

Thank you all, our beautiful and wonderful D/s friends, for supporting us during this difficult time. You have all been a light in the darkness. You have been kind, caring, and helpful. I love you guys because you help me see the good and laugh through the pain. You have hearts of gold! There are so many hard life decisions going on right now, but we are getting through them day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. You have all made that possible.

My father in law was moved to hospice last night, but late this morning we were called to come in right away. His breathing was inconsistent and they believe he doesn’t have long. He has numerous health issues and his 87 year old frail body cannot heal. He’s in an acute state so we are in a holding pattern waiting for his imminent death. We brought the children so they could say goodbye to their grandfather and we let him know we forgave him. I told my father in law in front of my husband that I was thankful for the fact that my husband was his son. My husband and Sir exists because of this man and it is the best gift I ever received.

Going through his affairs these last couple of weeks have revealed many secrets. Disclosure between my husband and his sister have revealed opposing stories given to them. We didn’t even know we needed to forgive this man, but found out about orchestrated situations that worked against us for the last 25 years. Everyday there was a new bombshell. That being said, we forgave because forgiveness is for the living. Unforgiveness eats away at your heart and soul and makes it hard to extend love and allow love to enter. We choose to not live in unforgiveness and will lay an axe to any root of bitterness that would attempt to take hold. We choose to not let anger get a choke hold and hang on to the past. We have so much life to live and we want to live it well. I hope you do the same.

The truth really will set you free. Be honest and even if you fuck up royally, own it! You’ll be surprised how people will appreciate your commitment to respect them by just telling the truth of your indiscretion, error, or even blatant misdeed. Live and deal with the consequences of your actions without blaming the world for your problems.

D/s is about living a life of truth and honor and we are so thankful to have this lifestyle. This is the only life you have so make it count and make it a good one. Be good to each other and never take those you love for granted.

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