For The World To Know…

I still feel the same and always will. As we approach our 25th anniversary I want you to know that I’m even more in love with you than ever. Thank you for just being you. You saved me, but I know you will say it is I that save you. We saved each other.

The Submission of Elle

He never gave up on me even though we were on the edge more times than should have ever been allowed.

We have come together and found our balance in every major life situation.

I know he will never abandon me.

If anyone tries to hurt me he’s the first one there as my shield and my sword.

He loves women…truly loves them. He finds us fascinating and delightful. He appreciates our subtleties and nuances. He is an amazing father to our daughter because he appreciates femininity.

He is the best example our son could ever have and to my delight, our son is exactly like him.

He loves to laugh more than anything and tells the worst jokes. His smile lights up the room.

He is a romantic.

When he makes a promise he keeps it.

He works hard and smart.

His character is above reproach.

He’s proud, yet humble…

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