Over The Edge – Part 2

Over The Edge, Part 1


He moves the chair up in front of the fireplace and takes a seat.

“Touch yourself.”

I slowly bring my hand down to my very needy pussy. I know I need to please him. I begin to tease myself, but it doesn’t take much as I’m already so aroused. My fingers work their way between my engorged folds and I feel how very slick I am. I begin to circle my clit over and over. His eyes are fixated on me and I can’t take mine off of his. I can see the flames from the fireplace blazing behind him. This is going to be both heaven and hell.

I slide a finger inside my wet cunt and then a second one. I begin to finger fuck myself hard and fast. I’m so close, but I try to hang on. I start going back and forth between rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy. I’m throbbing with the need to release.

“Please, Sir, may I cum,” I rasp. He does not answer. I already know the answer, but I know I have to keep going.

Then he calmly says, “Stop.” I stop, but my head is spinning. My fingers remain inside of me. I’m afraid that just by the simple act of pulling them out it will make me cum.

“Crawl over to me.” I reluctantly pull my fingers out, but before I start crawling I lick my fingers clean.

“Very good,” he says with his left eyebrow raised in amusement.

I crawl to him and kneel at his feet. He lifts my chin with his left finger and then traces the outline of my lips with his thumb. I absolutely love when he does that because it always means I’ve pleased him.

“Is your dirty mouth ready.”

“Yes, my dirty mouth is always ready for you.”

He reaches into his pants pocket and takes out a black scarf. He ties it around my head and I cannot see a thing. I hear him adjusting in his seat.

“Arch your back and stick your ass high in the air.” I do exactly as he says.

“Trust me,” he whispers in my ear.

He grabs my hair and wraps it around his fist. Mmm I love when he does that. I open my mouth to take in his cock when I hear someone moving behind me. My instinct is to turn and look, but I can’t move my head because he’s gripping my hair so tightly.

I feel a pair of hands rubbing my back and then move around down the sides of my hips and then across my ass. Then I feel a hand slide between my legs and start rubbing my even needier wet cunt. Then I feel another hand reaching around and starts playing with my tits. I let out a deep, guttural moan.

“That’s it, my sexy girl, I know you really want this. Your mouth and ass belong to me, but I gave him your pussy and your tits to do with as he pleases. Do you understand.” I nod my head.

He takes my head and guides my mouth down onto his rigid cock. I’m lost in the sensations of taking all of him in my mouth and the slow, sensual exploration of my pussy and tits coming from the stranger behind me.

“Suck me good and then I’m going to watch him fuck you hard and deep. Remember my rules. You are not allowed to cum.”

I worship his cock, licking and sucking every inch of him, my hair still wrapped around his fist. He moans in pleasure then he starts quickly moving my head up and down his shaft. At that same moment I feel fingers enter my pussy and move just as fast into me. Then he growls and explodes into my mouth and down my throat. I smile as I slide my mouth off him, licking and kissing him with joy.

“Thank you, Sir, for letting me worship you.”

The stranger behind me moves away and tells me to stand up. I do not recognize his voice. He guides me and bends me over the chair my Sir was just sitting in. He removes the scarf from around my eyes and I see my Sir standing in front of me. He smiles and my heart swells. The stranger tells me to not turn around. He tells me to put my hands behind my back and uses the scarf to tie my wrists together. He kicks my feet apart to spread my legs wide.

“Look straight at me, kippy. I want to see the pleasure on your face. I bite my lip. This is a present for you, but it’s not your reward. You only get your reward if you don’t cum until tomorrow night.”

I feel the tip of the stranger’s cock rubbing my pussy lips. He tells me to relax and he starts to slide inside me. My eyes widen as I realize that the stranger is extremely large. My Sir nods his head and I breath and relax. The stranger moves in more and I feel myself stretching to accommodate him. Inch by inch he goes deeper.

“You are a tight little thing. I’m going to make you very sore so you know I was here.”

My Sir winks at me and I shudder. The look on his face is different than anything I’ve ever seen. I am lost in my Sir’s look. The stranger pushes in one more time.

“I knew you could take all of me.”

“Fuck her hard. I want to hear her scream, ” Sir barks out.

The stranger starts pumping in and out of me and it is my undoing. I am overwhelmed, my orgasm starts building.

I cry out in desperation, “Please, Sir, may I please cum.” No answer. I start screaming and crying. It’s too much. He rams into me harder and faster. My whole body is shaking. “Please, please, Sir.” Sir only smiles a wicked smile. The stranger grabs my hair and pulls my head back. It’s everything I can do to hold back my orgasm.

Sir almost laughs, “Tell him what you think of his big cock.”

I truthfully I burst out, “I love having your big cock inside me so much. Fuck me harder. Please fuck me harder.”

“You greedy little slut,” the stranger laughs.

I want to cum. I need to cum. “Please Sir, can I cum? His cock is too good.”

Tears are rolling down my cheeks. My Sir is still smiling at me. The stranger is relentlessly fucking me and groaning. I am crying and moaning.

The stranger pulls out of me and releases himself on my back. I collapse on the chair. I’m still crying and moaning. My entire body hurts. My wrists are untied and massaged, my back wiped with a towel. The stranger pulls my head up by my hair and then ties the scarf around my head, leaving me sightless once more.

The stranger then tells me, “We’re not done with you yet. This was a warm up, slut.”

To be continued…


Over The Edge – Part 1

“Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


“This won’t be an easy weekend for you, but if you’re a good girl you’ll be rewarded.”

“Yes, Sir, I’ll make you proud.”

“I know you will. I’ll be texting you instructions.” My heart begins beating fast at his words and a big smile spreads across my face.

Just a short time later a text came through.

“Prepare yourself for me.I want a natural look.”

I knew exactly what he wanted – completely naked, no make up, no jewelry, long wavy hair, the fragrance he loves.

I prepare myself as instructed and wait. I receive another text.

“Stand in front of the fireplace with your hands on the mantle, spread your legs wide and get up on your toes. I’ll be home in 5 min.”

I stand up on my toes and wait. I try to keep my composure. He enters the room without a word. He sits in the chair to the right side of me and begins to casually eat and watch me. He doesn’t speak. His eyes bore into me and my legs begin to quake from the weight of his gaze. I am still on my toes, but I can’t hold out much longer.

He gets up and walks toward me ever so slowly. I feel the electricity and heat between us. He stands next to me just mere inches away, but still doesn’t speak. I know he wants me to look elegant and graceful. He takes his finger and gently traces it up and down my spine and then starts to gently bite on my right ear. My head starts to swim and my pussy begins to pulse. He knows my special spot all too well. He knows how to tease me.

He whispers in my ear, “Relax your grip, your knuckles are white. I release.

“Good. Now, don’t move. I’m going to touch you everywhere.”

He stands behind me and begins to run this fingers through my hair and starts to kiss and lick my neck and ear. That spot, yes, that spot! His hands make their way to my shoulders and up and down my arms raising goosebumps everywhere and my nipples harden. He keeps kissing and licking and runs his hands and fingertips down to the curve of my waist. He keeps going lower and kisses my shoulders as he goes. He continues down my back kissing and licking. He doesn’t touch my tits and a longing moan escapes my lips.

“Hush, not a sound.”

He keeps going lower down my body, down each leg and then back up touching and kissing and licking and stroking everywhere, but he’s careful to not touch my tits or my pussy.

“Very good. Come down off your toes.” I immediately lower my heels.

“You will be fucked over and over until tomorrow night, but you’re not allowed to cum. I am going to push you because I need you ready. I want to hear you beg. I want to hear you scream for it, but remember you will be denied until the time is right. Do this for me, like the good girl I know you are, and you will be rewarded tomorrow night.”

I whisper, “Yes, Sir.”

With that he grabs a fistful of my hair and kisses me hard and deep. His tongue swirls with mine and I’m lost in him. He pulls his mouth away and then throws me down to the floor.

“Spread your legs for me now.”

I open my legs wide and my eyes lock on his. His face changes and his eyes narrow. The corners of his mouth turn up slightly. I am his.

To be continued…



That’s not me
I tried to make it not true
I am stronger than you
I wouldn’t let you out
Wouldn’t let you live

I buried you deep
Covered you in years of debris
Put on a thick layer of concrete
Built a shiny skyscraper on top
You clawed your way out of the abyss

You were screaming in my head
You raged for years
You wouldn’t leave me alone
I was torn up with your anger
I hated you

I can’t be her
She is wrong
I’ve lived a lie
You fought for your life
You fought for my life

You could finally breath
I could finally breath
I am her
She is me
I have transcended


Kneel For Me

His text read, “Home in 10 min. Kneel for me.”

I feel my heart skip a beat. I hear my breath catching. I plate his dinner. I get the kids occupied. I make his tea. He’s almost home.

I run upstairs and close our bedroom door. I can’t quite get my clothes off fast enough. I quickly clean myself up, I brush my hair. I brush my teeth. I check myself in the mirror. He’s almost home.

I feel my heart pounding in my chest. I sink down to the floor on his side of our bed. I kneel. I spread my thighs open. I am wet. I pull my shoulders back. I lift my chest and push my breasts out. I dip my head down slightly. He’s almost home.

I hear the garage door open. I hear his voice. I calm my breathing. I am wet. I feel flushed. I hear the door open. I don’t move a muscle. I feel the breeze of him as he walks right by me. I hear the bathroom door close. He’s home.

He sits on the bed. He lifts my chin with his finger. He tells me to look at him. He kisses me deep. He fondles my breasts. He pinches my nipples. He pulls me in his arms. He runs his fingers through my hair. He holds me tight. I’m home.


Coming Out of The Dark

Names and and faces have come through my life.
Many have heard my heart, wiped my tears, laughed along, spent some time, and then they were gone.

Some people will say they want unadulterated honesty. You’ll hear them say, “Just be you. Be real. You can trust me with your heart,” but they really can’t handle what and who you are because they only want to hear the good and not the bad. If something goes wrong it becomes your fault, but it’s not your fault because allowing yourself to be vulnerable will open you up to a myriad of thoughts, ideas, and emotions you didn’t even know you had.

If you dare ask to see the real person you better be ready to take what comes when the mask and armor are removed… They may say and do things you don’t understand.
They may not make sense.
They may contradict themselves.
They may seem irrational at times.

A turning point occurred in my life two years ago. I opened my heart like never before and the love of my life received it. Since that day I keep opening…he keeps opening…and we keep receiving each other. Tragedy happened last year and we learned even more, gave even more, received even more. We saw each other’s hearts and souls and a new trust and resolve emerged, but we still wore the mask and armor in front of the world. Then some asked to see what lay beneath, and longing to be truly understood, I bared my soul. I should have walked in wisdom. I should have seen the agenda. I know better.

Our masks and armor are charming and funny, light and easy, with barely a care in the world. If you asked to see the real, got a glimpse of what lived underneath, and then demanded the masks be put back on, you didn’t deserve to have that little peak of real. There were those who only wanted the pretty…
They really enjoyed the good.
They barely tolerated the bad.
They ran like hell from the ugly.

Here’s a secret…hiding within the ugly is true beauty, like a seed in the soil. Those who have the patience to water and weed, give warmth and light, protect from the elements are those who get the privilege of reaping the reward of the fruit that is destined to emerge. Those who ran away will never know because of selfishness. So ignorant were they that they mistook the mask and armor for the fruit.

Our fruit is reserved for just a select few to enjoy. If someone chooses to give you their hard-earned fruit accept as if you just received the grandest prize. You may only be given one opportunity to prove you are worthy to receive it.

There are some who will get in the darkness with you and encourage you to explore it…
They will hold your hand and even lead you through.
They have no fear of your darkness because they have already explored their own.
They know your darkness is the place of your most hidden desires.
They know it’s your secret place where your true self resides. They know how to coax it out so it can live and grow in the light.
They know shame can transform into boldness.

I lived in shame for too long. That shame created guilt, which created fear, which created anger, which created depression. It was never the bad that happened to me, but it was instead the suppression of my true self. I’ve shed my shame and I don’t feel guilty over what I’ve opened up. There is no more fear, there is no more anger, and now that sadness is melting away. I’ve come out of the darkness and into the light.

We Could Have Been Arrested

On April 10, 1987 Coach and I met for the first time. The moment our eyes locked it was a done deal. I left NY to figure out my life after my x left me and Coach was there on a one-year missionary assignment. Of all places for a New Yorker and a Chicagoan to meet and fall in love…Virginia.

Exactly 20 years before our meeting, Loving  v. Virginia was argued, a landmark civil rights decision of the United States Supreme Court, which invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage. On June 12, 1967 the case was decided. The Court held, “There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the Equal Protection Clause.” 

In 1967, 16 states still had anti-miscegenation laws, Virginia being one of them. Richard and Mildred Loving were a brave couple who blazed a path by just trying to live their lives. We are forever grateful for their stand.