Kneel For Me

His text read, “Home in 10 min. Kneel for me.”

I feel my heart skip a beat. I hear my breath catching. I plate his dinner. I get the kids occupied. I make his tea. He’s almost home.

I run upstairs and close our bedroom door. I can’t quite get my clothes off fast enough. I quickly clean myself up, I brush my hair. I brush my teeth. I check myself in the mirror. He’s almost home.

I feel my heart pounding in my chest. I sink down to the floor on his side of our bed. I kneel. I spread my thighs open. I am wet. I pull my shoulders back. I lift my chest and push my breasts out. I dip my head down slightly. He’s almost home.

I hear the garage door open. I hear his voice. I calm my breathing. I am wet. I feel flushed. I hear the door open. I don’t move a muscle. I feel the breeze of him as he walks right by me. I hear the bathroom door close. He’s home.

He sits on the bed. He lifts my chin with his finger. He tells me to look at him. He kisses me deep. He fondles my breasts. He pinches my nipples. He pulls me in his arms. He runs his fingers through my hair. He holds me tight. I’m home.