Kneel For Me

His text read, “Home in 10 min. Kneel for me.”

I feel my heart skip a beat. I hear my breath catching. I plate his dinner. I get the kids occupied. I make his tea. He’s almost home.

I run upstairs and close our bedroom door. I can’t quite get my clothes off fast enough. I quickly clean myself up, I brush my hair. I brush my teeth. I check myself in the mirror. He’s almost home.

I feel my heart pounding in my chest. I sink down to the floor on his side of our bed. I kneel. I spread my thighs open. I am wet. I pull my shoulders back. I lift my chest and push my breasts out. I dip my head down slightly. He’s almost home.

I hear the garage door open. I hear his voice. I calm my breathing. I am wet. I feel flushed. I hear the door open. I don’t move a muscle. I feel the breeze of him as he walks right by me. I hear the bathroom door close. He’s home.

He sits on the bed. He lifts my chin with his finger. He tells me to look at him. He kisses me deep. He fondles my breasts. He pinches my nipples. He pulls me in his arms. He runs his fingers through my hair. He holds me tight. I’m home.


50 thoughts on “Kneel For Me

    • So hard with kids in the house to have those moments, but he does what he can for us to have those times and it’s especially important when he’s been working crazy hours for a while. We have to have these connections.

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    • Thank you, Mynx. It’s not every day I get that text, but when I do I shiver with anticipation. I want eveeything to be just right so he’s pleased when he walks in the door and finds me kneeling.


  1. Such a simple gesture, yet a strong and loving reinforcement of his dominance. I love those moments. Thanks for sharing Elle.


    • Simple, yet powerful. Always sets me right. Those big koments if exerting dominance are wonderful and I’ll take anything he gives, but those small consistent gestures keeps it all working.


  2. Amazing what just a few words can do. I can feel your excitement and the rush travel through your body from his direction. *sigh* 🙂


  3. I can definitely relate to this! It is like a Pavlovian response when my husband gives me the command to kneel or says “go prepare yourself”. It can be as strong of a physical response as a touch between my thighs.


    • Thank you, Those moments are breathtaking.. My hair will fall forward as I dip my head and he can’t see my face, but as he walks right past me I can’t help but crack a little smile because we both know he’s there and I’m kneeling and then he walks right by me with no acknowledgment. I LOVE that. I love the way he makes me wait that little extra bit.


    • Thank you, keiko. In his arms is my favorite place to be. Hope you are having a blessed Easter. How are you? I was wondering where you’ve been. Hope all is well with you and your family. I was about to drop you a line.


      • We’re great, Elle. Tomorrow is the 1yr mark in our D/s journey so I’ve been a bit reflective about everything… all good though 🙂 Life just been crazy with careers.. non stop working and looking at moving. Scrolled through your blog posts earlier today.. got lots of catching up to do there (and I saw lots of boobs!) 🙂 🙂 Glad you’re doing well too 🙂


        • I understand busy. As for the boobs, we decided the best way to conquer my body image fears was to show my body and it has been one of the most life-changing leaps I’ve ever made. I never thought I’d do such a thing, but the anonymity helped me be bold. It was necessary for me to move forward and kill my shame and guilt.


          • That’s awesome Elle, I’m happy you made that leap! It’s liberating!! (And from the quick glance your boobs are pretty hot.. I’m allowed to say that? 🙂 It’s amazing how good it feels to let go of all those body image issues. I’m not saying I don’t still have some (my hips!), but I was sitting at dinner table last night, in not much clothing and nothing left up to the imagination. It just felt natural. I don’t have issues when I’m with my husband. He commented on how it was nice to see how my confidence have grown.. I would have never ever done that a year ago. I don’t know about posting on my blog (yet), but I also set a personal challenge for myself this year.. I booked a boudoir photo session. Going to give my Sir a photo book full of (hopefully) hot images of me!


            • That’s so wonderful and good for you in your confidence! I had a personal challenge for myself because those challenges are the things that precipitate change. It’s allnin my goal to be the bet submissive I can be. Hope yiu get those hot boudoir photos you desire 😉


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