Over The Edge – Part 3

Over The Edge, Part 1

Over The Edge, Part 2


I wake up in bed, but it’s very dark in the room. I feel the bed move next to me.

“Are  you thirsty?” Sir asks.

I throw my arms around him and frantically start kissing him. I need his lips on mine. I need his arms around me. It seems he needs me as much as I need him and kisses me back with just as much energy and desire.

He holds my face in his hand and looks at me so tenderly.

“You made me proud.”

“Thank you, Sir, for your present.” 

“Drink your water.” He hands me a glass and I drink.

“Do you need to use the bathroom?” I nod.

I excuse myself to use the bathroom and while in there I hear muffled voices talking. He’s still here.

A few minutes later there’s a knock at the door.

“Kip, we’re going to pick up some Chinese food. You must be starving. I called an order in so we should only be about 30 minutes. Get some rest.”

“Oh, OK.”

I decide to stretch out and rest like I’m told, but about 15 minutes later I hear noises downstairs. They must have gotten some very fast service.

I get up and head downstairs to the kitchen, but no one is in there. I peek out sliding glass door to see if they’re on the patio. No one is there. I then start walking toward the living room. I still don’t see anyone.

Just as I am about to turn to walk back upstairs there’s a hand over my mouth and I feel something cold against my neck. I struggle to get away.

A man whispers in a very low and menacing voice right in my ear, “Stop moving and don’t make a sound.”

Is that the stranger? My cell phone suddenly rings. I look over at the coffee table where my phone is sitting. It’s Sir! If he’s calling that means he’s not here. We’re being robbed, or worse, he’s going to rape me.

“I’m going to release my hand, but you will do exactly as I say. Answer the phone calmly. If that’s your husband make sure he does not come home. If he does I will kill the both of you. Do you understand?”

I nod my head and whimper a yes. I reach over carefully to pick up my phone, but the man still has a knife to my throat.

“Hi,”I squeak into the phone.

“Hey, Kip, we’re going to be a little late. They messed the order up and the restaurant is really crowded. I’d say we’ll be at least 30 more minutes. You doing alright?”

“Yes, I”m fine. Don’t rush, OK? I love you.” A tear runs down my cheek. I may never talk to him again.

“I love you, too.” He hangs up. I drop the phone.

“He said he’ll be home in 30 minutes. Do anything you want to me, take anything you want, but please, please don’t hurt us. Don’t hurt him.” I start to cry.

The intruder forces me into the kitchen and sets me down on a chair. I look up and he’s wearing a black leather mask that covers most of his face leaving his eyes and mouth exposed. His eyes are dark. I gasp. There’s a duffel bag on the floor. He pulls out some rope and then takes my hands and ties them behind the chair. He pries my thighs apart and pulls my hips forward so just a small portion of my ass is on the seat. He ties my calves and ankles to the legs of the chair. He then takes out a ball gag and puts it in my mouth and secures it around my head.

He takes the tip of the blade and lightly runs it down my left cheek. My eyes widen in fear. He then slowly runs the blade down the left side of my neck to the center of my chest between my breasts. He stops and very delicately he carves a tiny x and then leans in and kisses the spot. He leans back to look at what he did and smiles. I am frozen. He takes the knife and slides the blade across to my right breast and then takes the point and lightly pushes it into my nipple. I inhale sharply. He then does the same thing to my left side. Then the intruder leans in close to my right breast. I feel his hot breath on my skin. He kisses my nipple and then takes it in his mouth and sucks hard. He then starts nibbling and then biting harder and then kissing and sucking again. I squirm in my chair. I don’t want this. I want this. He switches sides and begins the same ministrations. I fight back my feelings even though I feel desire building. No, please, stop it. Please, please, keep going.

I am breathing hard and I’m starting to drool. My head is spinning. I squeeze my eyes shut, but then feel the cool of the blade sweeping up from the sole of my left foot up the inside of my calf and then my up my thigh. He stops and then I feel the tip of the blade on my clit. Every muscle is locked. I don’t dare move. He presses the blade in just a fraction. Tears are welling up in my eyes. He holds the tip of the blade precariously on my clit and then brings his tongue to the spot just under and begins to swirl his tongue. I let out a whimper. He’s very light and delicate. I feel nothing except that spot. I am throbbing. He stops and I let out a groan.

He sets the knife on the table and reaches into his bag and takes out a leather crop and strikes the palm of his hand with it. I jerk at the sound. He strikes each of my nipples and then does it again, but much harder the second time. He strikes them again and again, each one harder. He then does another series of strikes and each one is harder still. I start wincing. Then he begins to slap my pussy with the crop, but he doesn’t stop and gives me slap after slap after slap without stopping, right on my clit, over and over in quick hard strikes.

I hear keys in the door. He stops and looks in the direction of the door. I start trying to pull from my restraints. I am frantic. Sir calls for me. The intruder picks up the knife and his bag, opens the sliding glass door in the kitchen, and runs away.

To be continued…