No more clocks! Break them all for they are all thieves and wicked task masters and they steal you away from me.

Stay in our bed. Don’t get up. Let me hear your heartbeat just a little longer while I’m wrapped in your arms with my head on your chest and you run your fingertips up and down my arm.

You slip out of bed and I slide over and hug your pillow while inhaling your scent and absorbing the warmth of your body lingering behind. Just another moment. Just a little bit more of you.

Give me more time.

29 thoughts on “Time

  1. I feel like this every single morning Elle! If I don’t have to get up early for work, it’s our kiddo that drags me out of bed early on the weekends. I just want time to cuddle and be held!


  2. A universal sentiment, especially when the heart is involved. After all this time together, that you still feel this way, is a testament to what you have.


  3. Absolutely need want crave more time..as it seems to be fleeting lately. I hope you have a fabulous kid free weekend and soak up that time with each other! β™₯


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