Dirty Flirts

Your text was clear, no doubt about you
I did my crunches and push ups too
I know that please you, it’s true
Now there’s another task left for me to do

I prepare the camera in just the right spot
I lay out some towels, cuz why the hell not
I spread my legs wide to fulfill your plot
What you gave me to do is so fucking hot

I hear the hum and feel the vibration
My body shakes with the intense sensation
I begin to throb with anticipation
I burst forth without any hesitation

There I lay all glistening and wet
Proud that your expectations I met
With heavy breathing and a little sweat
I have one more thing to complete yet

I managed to snap it, as requested, while I squirt
Being flexible doesn’t hurt
The text you receive is sure to make you alert
Aren’t we the dirty flirts?

Thank you, baby for allowing me some fun today.