Dirty Flirts

Your text was clear, no doubt about you
I did my crunches and push ups too
I know that please you, it’s true
Now there’s another task left for me to do

I prepare the camera in just the right spot
I lay out some towels, cuz why the hell not
I spread my legs wide to fulfill your plot
What you gave me to do is so fucking hot

I hear the hum and feel the vibration
My body shakes with the intense sensation
I begin to throb with anticipation
I burst forth without any hesitation

There I lay all glistening and wet
Proud that your expectations I met
With heavy breathing and a little sweat
I have one more thing to complete yet

I managed to snap it, as requested, while I squirt
Being flexible doesn’t hurt
The text you receive is sure to make you alert
Aren’t we the dirty flirts?

Thank you, baby for allowing me some fun today.


42 thoughts on “Dirty Flirts

  1. Very hot! And wow Elle, you can rhyme girl!! Very well written 🙂

    On the rare occasion that I work from home, I usually get a similar task via Skype from my Sir.


  2. Just yummmie miss Elle, Skype-ing flooding fun for everyone…

    Oh Mynx- is it FaceTime Flooding Fun for us? 😉


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