Explosive Power Training Phase

In my first post I briefly talked about Elle being ready for explosive power training. Some of you wanted to know what it is. Athletically, I don’t implement this aspect into any training until a foundation has been laid. Explosive power training involves plyometrics and you have to have a level of strength before attempting plyos. Plyos help your body convert strength into power. My job is to make that explosion quicker.

How does this relate to Elle being my submissive? Explosive power training for her is about her responsiveness. My goal is that she picks up on the subtlty. I want her to read me the way I read her. I want her aware and I want her to be able to react automatically. I don’t mean like a robot, but I want her to be just as instinctive with me as I am with her.

This isn’t about her being perfect, but it’s about being able to keep moving through even if something doesn’t go right. I don’t want her fighting herself anymore and doubting herself. A good coach-athlete relationship works this way. It almost seems like you’re not coaching anymore, but it’s because the athlete picks up on the smallest nuance and can make the adjustment without hesitation. My plans for her require this level of connection between us.

The video below is a visual of what it looks like to me. This girl gets right back up and continues. She doesn’t stay down. Her mind, heart, and body just react to the situation as she’s been trained. Notice she still runs relaxed even after falling. She’s smooth and she has grace.