Explosive Power Training Phase

In my first post I briefly talked about Elle being ready for explosive power training. Some of you wanted to know what it is. Athletically, I don’t implement this aspect into any training until a foundation has been laid. Explosive power training involves plyometrics and you have to have a level of strength before attempting plyos. Plyos help your body convert strength into power. My job is to make that explosion quicker.

How does this relate to Elle being my submissive? Explosive power training for her is about her responsiveness. My goal is that she picks up on the subtlty. I want her to read me the way I read her. I want her aware and I want her to be able to react automatically. I don’t mean like a robot, but I want her to be just as instinctive with me as I am with her.

This isn’t about her being perfect, but it’s about being able to keep moving through even if something doesn’t go right. I don’t want her fighting herself anymore and doubting herself. A good coach-athlete relationship works this way. It almost seems like you’re not coaching anymore, but it’s because the athlete picks up on the smallest nuance and can make the adjustment without hesitation. My plans for her require this level of connection between us.

The video below is a visual of what it looks like to me. This girl gets right back up and continues. She doesn’t stay down. Her mind, heart, and body just react to the situation as she’s been trained. Notice she still runs relaxed even after falling. She’s smooth and she has grace.




15 thoughts on “Explosive Power Training Phase

  1. And she wins!
    I had seen this video, actually reposted it on my FB page…
    I get what you mean with this relationship. It must be great to have you as a coach. I mean that in both applications of the term, with capital letter or without.


    • I know this video has been going around, but it really is such a great example. I can testify that he is a great coach, but he’s not easy. I resisted training for a long time. One of our big changes was finally submitting myself to his actual fitness training. I fought him for years even though I saw first-hand what he did with athletes and I even saw this unspoken language between him and some of his top athletes that would take my breath away. I wanted that between us, and at times we had it, but it wasn’t consistent. A good 6 months ago I submitted a part of me that I was hanging on to and in the physical training, my mind and heart started to train. I feel more connected to him and my reaction times are better.


      • I loved this video!! Don’t feel bad because I mentioned having seen it already!! It is indeed a great example!
        I’m glad that you both found a way to connect on a deeper level. Good for you!


    • Thank you very much for your compliment. Our desire is that we have our dynamic be automatic and natural. I do this with my athletes as well. Once you have that going you can peruse anything.

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  2. Elle, what more could anyone want…a mentor, a dominant. Your ability to look him in the eye and deliver. I do believe you two have it all. It doesn’t matter what came before, it only matters about the continuing journey to strength, unbreakable connection, and the ultimate bond. You two are amazing and it does my heart good to read about such a journey.


  3. No offense…Elle and Coach, I love y’all — but I am so taken by the video of the race, phenomenal. I see this everyday in my World, but to see it applied to another where it usually does not happen. Awesome.
    Have fun with the journey of training and remember that coaching is a growth opportunity, too.
    Two should grow, not just one. XO


      • XO
        PS – that came out worse than I meant it.
        I just laughed at myself getting stuck on one piece of info when I should have been able to shift to the next mode.
        Girl has a serious stride when her adrenaline kicks in.


    • I think the subtlety comes from paying attention to cues such as change in voice, body language and eye movement. As I learn her cues she is able to learn mine because she’s learning by example.


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