I Love Your Smile

It gets me everytime, illuminating my path and like a beacon I’m drawn to your light and warmth.

The first day I saw your smile I saw my entire life flash before me.
I saw the friend, the lover, the husband, and the father you would become.

You are that man I knew you would be and so much more.

Our protector and provider. Our confidante and confessor. Our rock and our rescuer.

I smile knowing you’re in the audience and from the wings of the stage I take a peak to see if I can catch a glimpse of you. We watch her turn and leap and glide across the stage and I know the whole time you’re smiling that smile that I love and it’s so full of pride as you watch our baby girl shine in the spotlight as she dances.

We meet you in the lobby after the show and the first thing I see is your smile as we approach and I’m instantly home. Anywhere you are is home.

As I sit in the dressing room helping with costumes and makeup and all the preparations for two more shows to go you’re home being Daddy to our special little boy who isn’t feeling well today. You’re where you need to be, giving him your smile and making him feel better. Today you gave selflessly to our children because you love being their Daddy.

You’re a wonderful Daddy to our beautiful children. Happy Father’s Day to the best man I know.

And Happy Father’s Day to all the fine men out there that take care of their kids and give them what they need…a father.


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27 thoughts on “I Love Your Smile

  1. It’s beautiful.
    How lucky you are to experience that feeling that “Anywhere [he is] is home”.
    Alright, signing off now before I turn a very cheerful post into a sad comment…


      • Oh, thank you Elle! They are needed tonight…
        And you made me laugh. Or chuckle softly. Tonight, that’s good already 🙂


        • I’m so happy I got a chuckle out of you. I’m still at the theatre back in the dressing room. We’re getting ready for show #4 of the day. It smells so bad. Do you have any idea how nasty a pair of pointe shoes get?


          • Yes, I can imagine fairly easily!
            Well, good luck with the last show. Rest and drink and rest in the mean time… 4 shows! I hope no one has a very long role, as it must be exhausting!!
            Good luck to your daughter to survive the last show. And to you to survive the smells 😉


  2. This was beautiful. And W read through your blog last night and enjoyed it as much as I do. Elle you have a gift of loving people well and it shines through in your writing. We will be back to blog land on Friday for boob day. Thank you and Dawn D for giving me the courage to participate. Have a beautiful day Elle. And thank you for sharing your heart with us.


    • Oh my, did you ever make me blush. Please tell W thank you for reading through my blog.

      I try to love well, but unfortunately I don’t always succeed. Sometimes I speak a little too spontaneously and if I get hurt my words don’t come out right. One day I hope to learn the lesson of taking the time to retreat and process before I speak. I think it’s an Italian thing. I at least always hope with family and friends that they see the sum total of who I am and not just select moments, whether they be really, really good or really, really bad.

      To can’t wait for Friday!!!! 🙂 Dawn and I will be cheering you on!


    • Ooh!! I’m so glad you worked up the courage to go for it! The first pic is the hardest. At least it was for me! And then… I was hooked! I need some positive reinforcement in my life at the moment and Boobday helps me in a lot of ways.
      I cannot wait for Friday now 🙂


    • Thank you. Yes, he did. All he wanted was to see our daughter perform and spend time with our son. Our son was sick so instead of fishing they watched Thor: The Dark World and ate a massive amount of hot wings.

      I hope Mr. TW had a wonderful Father’s Day.


  3. Hmmm, this didn’t come to my blogroll….sounds like a lovely Day for the family. Happy to all, both Father and Mother – Coach and Petite Elle. XO


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