We Had Plans

We decided to take it easy on the 4th because the kids would be competing in a major athletic competition the next day and we didn’t want them worn out. Coach works so much anyway that when we’re having family time we tend to lay low so he can just focus on us and not have to deal with crowds and lines. We fish or go to the park or track. Many times we just hang out watching movies or have family dance competitions to Just Dance on Xbox (Coach can throw down). Other times we just catch up with each other and do all we can to make each other laugh. There are tickle wars and wrestling matches, cooking experiments and nerf gun battles. I will have you know I can rock Beyblade (if you have a boy10 and under you will understand what that is). Sometimes Coach issues major clean up orders and we all work as a team to get a household project done. As for our 4th of July plans it was to be a secluded fishing pond, a picnic blanket, and watching the fireworks that a swanky country club sets off, which happens to be the property adjacent to the pond. No one goes to this place and we have the best seats in the house.


Our daughter’s cat got sick and she broke down in a puddle of tears and was worried beyond belief. He was OK in the morning, but as the day progressed poor Buddy wasn’t looking good. We were all worried. This cat came to us at a time when our daughter needed him and they are inseparable. We all love him. I thought Buddy would be alright, but we made the decison to stay home and keep our eyes in him. We had a carpet picnic instead and Coach taught our son how to attached lures to hooks. Daughter and I read (our default activity).

One of the most endearing things was watching Coach make periodic trips to check on Buddy. He’s an animal lover and has such a tender heart. He was so gentle and comforting with our daughter, too. A little while after we ate we saw that Buddy was looking and acting better. I had given him some stabilized oxygen because if it was bacterial this would kill it. Well, it must have been and he was perking up. We thought maybe we could go watch the fireworks afterall, but then it started to rain and even thiugh that was short-lived we saw that rain would be sporadic and would most likely fall right at our pond.. The kids were so happy that Buddy was doing better that they didn’t care. They got themselves ready for bed and we asleep by 8:30. They smiled in their sleep.

We knew we needed to be up at 4:00 am so we made our way to our bedroom. No, we did not have fireworks. Coach gave me a much needed massage instead and kissed me well. Neighborhood fireworks were on display from our bedroom window and as we settled into bed we talked of future plans, our love for each other and how blessed we are. We talked about sexy D/s things and our D/s goals and fantasies. We had a peaceful sleep.

Right now I am in the stands at this major competition. Coach is an official here today because he wants to make sure all the rules are followed for this most important event. Our kids our warming up and I am wearing my assistant coach’s hat.

Tonight we will have our fireworks, but today we are first and foremost dad and mom, supporting and cheering on our kids.

P.S. Buddy is doing just fine.