Put The Dress On, Take It Off

The door opens unexpectedly. He’s home over an hour early. I wasn’t ready. I’m taken completely by surprise and I get flustered and confused. Why didn’t he call or text?

I run into the kitchen to get his dinner plated and served like I had been in there all along. I’m not in the dress he told me to be wearing. I’m just in a t-shirt and cutoffs, no bra, no panties, bare feet, hair a little messy, no makeup. I turn to greet him and he’s right there behind me. He kisses me lightly on my lips and puts his things down on the island and then sits at the table. He’s hungry. I put his plate on the table and stand next to him waiting for direction. He begins to eat so I sit. We chit chat. He’s just about finished and he tells me to go upstairs and put the dress on.

I dart up the stairs and I do a quick wash up, I brush out my hair. I slip the dress on without bra and panties. It’s form fitted and elegant. A light moss green with a light sheen and Asian inspired floral embroidery. A definite three season dress. V-neck, but not plunging, sleeveless. It shows off my curves perfectly. It’s the perfect dress for so many occasions and can easily go from day to evening.


I cannot get the zipper up past mid-back and the top hangs off my shoulders. I have to hold it up to keep it from slipping off.

I sit on the bed and wait. Do I kneel? He hasn’t told me to kneel. I wait some more. And a little more. I stretch out across the width of the bed and grab my Kindle to read. A few minutes later he casually walks in. He asks what I’m reading. I tell him and he asks me to read it to him as he sits on the edge of the bed next to my feet. He runs a finger lightly up the inside of my right leg. I squirm. He gets off the bed, grabs my ankles and pulls me across the bed toward him. I squeal.

“Stand up.” I stand.
“Turn around and face me.” I turn.
“Let go of the dress.” I let go.
“Kiss me.” I kiss him.

Before I know it he spins me around, puts his hand on the back of my neck and shoves my face and torso down on the bed. He holds me down with one hand and with his other hand he pulls my dress up to my waist exposing my bare ass.

“Push your ass in the air.” I lift it high.
“Good girl.” Mmmmmm.

He begins to spank me, caress me, probe me, pinch me. I float. Time stands still.

“Stand up.” I stand.
“Take it off.” I shimmy it down my hips and let it fall to the floor.
“Nice dress.” Uh huh.

41 thoughts on “Put The Dress On, Take It Off

  1. Variety is the spice of life. What better way to add variety than showing up unxpectedly. Threw you off your game. Very sexy move on his part. And he got you in and out of your dress at his command. Even better than having you waiting for him.

    I like it. You two are sooo made for each other.

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    • Did he ever! He played it so cool. Honestly, I was a little panicked and I didn’t know what was going to happen. It made it very exciting.

      We are made for each other. That was so sweet of you to say.


  2. Very nice… very, very nice. Sexy. Smoking. And here I was rushing around as my DH came in, to appear like I’d done nothing other than my assigned chores today… when I had actually just gotten home minutes earlier, having spent most of my afternoon at a 4-hour lunch with an old friend. I like your Sir’s moves! Mine has made a subtle reference to “something” before he retires, but I dare not hope for a real spanking with CKs at home. I miss DH taking over like that… hope it resumes when CKs are gone.

    And what where you reading on your Kindle. pray tell?


    • He does have his moves and really likes to play it cool. I don’t know what he’s up to half the time, but when he puts it out there it’s just amazing.

      I started reading my favorite book (again), My Antonia.


        • You know her work? I’ve read most of her novels except for Sapphira and the Slave Girl. That’s next. Antonia sparked something in me as a 14 year old. I find something out about myself every time I read it.


          • My Antonia is the main work I know– and some of the short stories. She weaves and amazing picture story. The wonderful thing about having kids in high school was the opportunity to re-read all the classics with new eyes! I’m a Hemingway freak myself… I think I envy his ability to distill his writing into to such an economy of words while expressing so much. A Moveable Feast is my favorite, since I lived in Paris as a student and identified. F Scott Fitzgerald and Harper Lee… I could go on and on. Remind me of some others I need to reread, Elle….


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