Super Moon


Fullness magnified
Intensive desire
Hypnotic magnetism
Urges strong

Calling out
Reflective light
Glowing proudly
Unique display

Shining bright
Night sky adorned
Brilliant illumination
Passion inflamed

Harmonious orbs
Heaven declared
Two as one
Paths secure


13 thoughts on “Super Moon

  1. A super moon makes odd things happen. I had no idea it was coming (if you’ll pardon the expression) but weird things started occurring at the oddest times. I said to a friend “must be a full moon!” Turns out to be the fullest of the full.

    Hope your full moon evening had a moon of its own.

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      • TWO MORE!! Yikes I can’t stand the excitement. I hope the next two bring me as much fun as this one was going to bring to you. I’m so glad JK pointed out the “harmonious orbs.” I wanted to say something but didn’t want to stare.


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