A Thought, A Plea, A Wish, A Song

It hasn’t always been easy, baby. We’ve had to fight some hard battles and there are a few left to fight. I admire your tenacity and your hard work and dedication. I know that working as hard as you do isn’t about you being a workaholic. Your hard work is based on necessity and an intense sense of responsibility and I support you. There are so many things we want to do and see, but life has taken another turn and now we have to, yet again, readjust, redo, rework, realign. It’s exhausting and I see your weariness, but I also see in your eyes how much you want to give to me. My respect for you is beyond measure. I know you’ll never give up on our dreams. You’re just a little too far away in thought right now and I ache.

I love when you’re feeling strong and relieved. I miss your playfulness. I miss your spontaneity. I miss the totality of you when you feel free. Those things haven’t gone away completely and I know you’re trying so hard to stay connected. I want to help you relieve your stress. Please take it all out on me and in me. Use me hard. Devour me. I can take it. I want to take it…for you…for me…for us.

I also know that right now you’d just like nothing more than to sleep for a week straight and not have to talk or deal with anyone or anything and that probably includes me. I know it would only be temporary so you can decompress and unwind; so you can gather your thoughts and plan a strategy. The thought doesn’t make me sad because I want that for you. I want whatever is going to help you be you. I wish I could give that to you and then at the end of that week of rest you come and get me and take me away with you and share with me all those things that needed to be thought.

Until then, take refuge in me.

This song has nothing to do with anything I wrote except for the fact that I know how much you love James and I just want to put a smile on your face. Don’t you love the Italian introduction? I thought it’s totally fitting for us. Italians love their sex machines πŸ˜‰ I know I love mine. Can I be your Go-Go girl?

24 thoughts on “A Thought, A Plea, A Wish, A Song

  1. We always want to make everything better, easier for our spouse. But sometimes the best thing to do is just be there. Men aren’t like women at all. We let it all out. They keep it in. We can see it in their shoulders. They’re so tight. And they can be grumpy Lol.. Once they work things out weather it be work or life itself. We are the first to know. And we get rewarded in so many ways, Hehe.. Hang in there Elle, Life is good my friend. Our men are just being men.. Hugs..


    • I know it will all be fine. Thanks for your encouragement. And yeah, tight shoulders. He keeps thinking it because he may have lifted too hard or slept wrong, but I think it’s because he’s wearing his stress there.


  2. I know it can be hard when our men withdraw to figure out stuff. Though you’re going at it with so much love on both sides, it can only have a positive outcome. I’m the one who used to carry all my stress in my back. Now a lot of that weight has been removed for me. I can only hope coach finds a way to relieve his stress too.
    I love how encouraging you are.
    Good luck to both of you.
    PS: I couldn’t listen to the song nor the Italian version… I hope to get around to it soon πŸ™‚


    • I’ll stand by him no matter what he goes through. We always come out ahead.

      James sings in English, it’s just the introduction that was in Italian because James was on Italian TV. Don’t you love how I say James like I know the man?


      • And I envy you for that. For having that kind of relationship. I want to say cherish it, but I know you do πŸ™‚
        And yes, I do love how you talk about James as if you knew the man. But with you being a performer, nothing would surprise me πŸ˜‰


  3. Elle

    You love your man so much….the best there is. Just put James on the cd player….take your clothes off and dance for him. At the very least he will smile. I well understand when they disappear into the atmosphere of stress and life beyond home. I have always thought that my job was to pull him back in. But I could and have been wrong…just a thought. I just know you always know what he will need.

    Much love and give him what he doesn’t know he needs πŸ™‚



  4. Life can knock us down but I like to think it can’t knock us out. Coach is as lucky to have you as you are to have him. I I tend to think I internalize my stress, but I know it leaks out and those close to me are the ones that feel it. Men tend to think it is up to them to resolve it and have a hard time accepting help.

    All you can do is support, and keep doing what you’re doing. And remember there are lots of family out here who are pulling for you both. ❀

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    • What you said about leaking out is so true. There’s only so much anyone can hold before you start to buckle from the weight. I think we got it all out early this morning. Still so many things to contend with, but when he and I are in it together we always. come out ahead. Thanks so much for your supportive words.


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