They Made Me Bend Over ;)

In a bedroom community, right off the highway to the north of New York City, sat an old-fashioned diner. This was the  kind of diner where the menu was thick and served the best burgers, and eggs, and pancakes, and cheesecake, and pie. It was the kind of diner that had regulars, truckers, families eating breakfast after church on Sundays, and teenagers out on a first date on a Saturday night. We had our business lunch guys and the afternoon moms with babies. We had people from everywhere in the world stopping by and there was barely a lull during the day. It was the kind of diner that would get packed, but the table turnover was fast so you didn’t have to wait that long. Tips were good (especially from the truckers) and we had a one-for-all, all-for-one attitude.

The manager was smart by hiring many hard-working college girls. He liked us pretty and sassy (no smart-mouths). He also liked tits and ass 🙂 I’ll never forget you, Tom. I’ll also never forget the Greek chef with the cleaver that used to tell us all off at the top of his lungs. This place had atmosphere and I fit right in. I worked at this diner for 1-1/2 years and it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I had so much fun and my old friend, J, and her sister (from the horse farm) worked there as well. The only reason I left was because I had to move.

I was the waitress with a smile just for you. I was the waitress that remembered your name and that you were up for a promotion so I gave you a pep talk before your meeting and smiled brightly when you came back with the news. I was the waitress that winked at you from across the room because I knew you wanted your coffee refilled. I was the waitress that made it to your table in record time to take your order and brought it to your table just as quickly. I was the waitress that listened when you spoke and genuinely loved hearing about your life. I was the waitress that had fun with a group of guys that came in for some friendly banter and knew when to tone it down when one of them came in with his girlfriend. I was also the waitress that had the extra short skirt and just the right amount of cleavage that kept you coming back for a little peek when I bent over at the waist in just the right way to pick up that fork you accidentally dropped 3 times.

I am still that waitress who likes to bend over 😉 I enjoy serving and it shows in the kind of sub that I am. I love to make you feel good when you sit at my table and give you a memorable experience of good food, fun, and laughter.

Can I take you order?

Diner Waitress


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19 thoughts on “They Made Me Bend Over ;)

  1. I love this. I waitressed for a bit in my early 20s. It was in a cocktail lounge and a girl knew how to get tips… that’s all I will say… 🙂


  2. I would definitely become a regular at this place. Because of my butter-fingers, my fork would constantly be dropped.


  3. So I like my eggs sunny side up. Give me the thickest sausage you got, butter up my biscuit and slap some some jam on there while you’re at it. Oh and don’t forget lots of whipped creme on my hot cocoa. Plus these are the slipperiest damn forks I’ve ever laid my hands on so thank you for obliging to pick them up the way you do.

    Now about that tip…. 😉 hehe


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  4. May I have a large malt. please? With a cherry? I want to sit awhile and watch the artist in action. I can always learn some new moves from an expert….server. XO


  5. Can I get a table with dievca please? I have some urgent jewelry questions for her and I think I’ll take a tall iced tea and indulge in a slice of blueberry pie. I would like to watch and take notes too, if that’s ok with you Miss Elle?

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  6. No, this type of waitress perfection doesn’t exist, except in a man’s hopeful imagination, or maybe in a diner in New York, 3000 miles from me, for a year and a half while I was somewhere else.


    • Now that makes me sad for you. You never had a waitress like me? I think you lived in the wrong place from 1984-1986.

      I absolutely loved that job and that diner brought out my submissiveness. There was also plenty of ass slapping and pinching, too. Back then we welcomed it and no one got sued for sexual harassment.


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