16 thoughts on “Rainy Day Sunshine

  1. If Coach doesn’t help you out, let me know the address of your roller rink. An hour on the rink with me will cure all your ills. Laughter is the best medicine.


  2. Not that I’ve been given license to make artistic suggestions or anything, but don’t you think it would look sexy to take that same picture, breasts pressed halfway into the towel, but with no bathing suit on? If you were to position yourself perfectly, such that your breasts pushed outwards equally in every direction…… hold on, that would be too hard to get as a selfie. you need a photographer to help with this one. 😉


    • Why yes, that would have been very difficult to do as a selfie and while at the neighborhood pool. Scandalous! So do you know any photographers? 😀 Oh, you mean you? In that case, you’re hired.


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