Tonight, Tonight

I see the rope
I smell the leather
I can feel the sting of the crop
I hear the charged and rhythmic music
People writhing, moaning, and hanging
Collars, cuffs, and leashes
Stilettos and corsets
Gloves and masks
This is not a dream
I open my eyes and smile
I bite my lip and smile wider, thinking of tonight

Tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night
Anita’s gonna get her kicks tonight

17 thoughts on “Tonight, Tonight

  1. Funny, my young romantic mind had absolutely no recollection of Anita, the Jets or the Sharks. All I remembered from that song was the love story in it… How sad am I?! *sigh!*
    Oh, I almost forgot: Enjoy tonight, and don’t forget to give us a detailed account of what happened 😉


    • Watch the movie! Anita is my favorite character.

      I’ve been bouncing off the walls all week about this. Yesterday I kept myself totally busy so I wouldn’t drive myself mad with my imagination. I wound up crashing on the couch because I wore myself out, but that also mean I got plenty of sleep and will spend the day grooming and preparing. Gee, I hope I have something good to write about. Who knows, it may be Coach writing the next post 🙂

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      • I did watch the movie, but it was probably 20 years ago, before my English was good enough that I really remember any of it.
        I am planning on watching it again. As soon as I have money to buy a DVD player and a DVD, so I can show my kids 🙂
        Again, enjoy! I am feeling all excited for you too!


  2. OK, I’m out of it — what is happening tonight? I am guessing that you are attending an event with Coach, but I may be wrong. Did I miss something? Your clueless friend. XO


  3. “Tonight the minutes seem like hours”
    I hope your west, east, south, and north sides all have their own stories tomorrow.


      • I love all things musical. Live music makes my hair stand on end. Literally. The people behind me break out the chain saws. I just got back from the Big Drive. Getting caught up on stuff, I’m going to do one quick post about the trip and then finish When First we Meet.

        And I believe I have a post of YOURs to catch up on. Or at least I hope so. I haven’t had time to look yet…


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