I Needed to Hear His Voice

My car died today and I found myself stuck on the side of the road. You just know it’s not good when your car won’t shift and then this warning comes on:


I put on my hazard lights and pulled over to the safest place I could, but I was about to get on the highway so it was a very narrow shoulder.

My first call was to the dealership. The GM is one of Coach’s friends and he always takes care of us. It sounds like the same problem they took almost three weeks to repair about a year ago so hopefully they will get to the bottom if it. My second call was to the insurance company because we have emergency roadside assistance through them. They quickly set me up with a tow service. My third call was to the appointment I was going to miss so I could reschedule.

My last call was to Coach. Some of you may wonder why, as his submissive, I did not call him first. The answer to that is easy. I know how to take care of things and he expects me to do that. He’s at work and cannot just drop everything and race over to save me. Do I like being saved? Hell yes, of course I do. In my perfect world I would never have to worry about car repairs and emergency roadside assistance and all of that frustrating and annoying junk of life. However, we all have to deal with these things and I need to make him proud and do things as efficiently and as competently as I possible. I serve Him and do my best to make his day easier. He in turn builds me up, provides everything I need, gives me all of his love and affection, and helps me grow in areas where I am weak. We are a team.

What I needed more than anything was to hear was his voice. I needed to hear his reassurance that I did a good job in taking care of a problem. I needed to connect with him.

While I was on the phone with Coach I tried to put up the windows and then the car completely died. So I’ve got a major problem on our hands and I’m on the side of the road with semis driving by a little too close. The hazard lights stopped working because the car died all together. Coach told me to get out of the car and get into the safest place I could. I had a red shirt in the backseat and some orange cones in the trunk so I set the cones up around the car and put the t-shirt on the antenna just to keep people from slamming into my car and me.

The tow got there within 45 minutes and took me and my car to the dealership. The GM gave me a car to borrow and now we’ll wait and see. Coach completely takes over from here.

I’ve received several texts from him telling me he’s proud of how I handled everything. That makes all the difference in the world. Stressful? Yes. If you want to know the truth, I’m very proud of myself. I’ve had to handle all kinds of things in my life, but for a little while I had some insecurities because life was beating me up for too long. You lose your confidence after a while when it’s one mishap after another. Considering the summer that Coach and I had, we can make it through anything.

Please send good car karma my way.

56 thoughts on “I Needed to Hear His Voice

  1. Well I don’t know what Coach will think, but I think you did a nice and orderly job. You’d be surprised how helpless some women are when it comes to these things. It’s nice to have a dom, but women need to know how to do these things. What happens if he is out of town, or even dies…

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  2. Oh Elle! More than good karma being sent your way. Hugs, kisses, and ass grabs too!

    You’re such an amazingly strong woman and I know even when you’re capable of tackling the unexpected like this it’s still nice to hear, “good girl, I’m proud of ya”. I get it!

    Much move girl! xoxo


  3. ((HUGS)) Good car karma coming your way!

    I like handling things and then telling SSir about them when I can. I’m like you, I’d love to be rescued but we live in the real world. And there’s almost nothing better than a “I’m proud of you, girl” when I thought of everything and just did it. 🙂


        • Girl, I want that, too. I know I’m capable and smart and I know I’m strong and tenacious…BUT…having to be that way so much makes me feel weak after a while. Does that make sense? I crave the opportunity to quiet my brain by giving it all over to Coach. That is my power source for my recharge.

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          • I cannot remember where I wrote this, but I know today I wrote that, however much you like to serve others, you can only give so much without compensation, quiet time, reloading your energy… This is what I missed for so long in my marriage. What I gave was not acknowledged and I didn’t feel like I could just get some relaxing time to restore my energy… I was lacking that power source.
            I wanted to say savour what you have, but I know you do 🙂


  4. You did better than good honey…. You rocked it! With my Sir traveling the way he does, he needs me to be self sufficient, and confident In emergencies too! But there are times I do enjoy a good Damsel in distress! ;D


  5. I wanted to comment earlier but my phone wouldn’t let me. Grr…
    I’m glad you’re Ok, and that you managed to keep your head about yourself.
    I am usually pretty good in an emergency situation, always rising up to the challenge. Like some of you who commented here, I have been used to living away from family, having to start new friendships every time we moved, to build a new support network and having to deal with a travelling husband. I am pretty self sufficient and can deal with those things.
    Do I like to do it? Most of the time I don’t.
    Do I feel proud of myself when I manage to get through a tough spot without too much stress? Of course I am.
    Would I like for someone to take over and deal with this all? Like you, I would.
    But not always. I like being strong, I like knowing I am able to handle tough situations by myself.
    But I do understand how nice it would be to hear a reassuring voice just tell you you did everything right and thank you for taking that worry off their plate 🙂
    I’m sending as much good karma as I can, whether car or other 🙂


    • I’ve been trying to reply to people all day on my phone, too. Aggravating!

      I was working for an international ministry back when the US Embassies were bombed in Kenya and Tanzania. We had invited and paid for special guest pastors from Tanzania to come to our annual Leadership Conference. Well, they couldn’t get their visas from either Embassy so they had to travel to Malawi. I stayed up for two days negotiating back and forth with the Embassy in Malawi to get these pastors to the US. I never negotiated with an Embassy before, but I did it in spite of power outages in Malawi so faxes couldn’t go through, bank transfers, and new travel arrangements. We do what we need to do and think on our feet.

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      • Yes, I’m pretty good at thinking on my feet. I recently had to help organise and cook for a family gathering. My Mom was freaking out in the kitchen. And even though I knew everything wasn’t going to happen the way we had envisioned it, it was still going to be alright, because we were going to find solutions for every little problem we encountered.
        I know, nothing as grand as negotiating with embassies, but still, the art of thinking as we go 🙂


  6. Since I do not own a car – you are welcome to all the good Car Karma that was doled out under my name. It is so nice to have someone listen to your challenges and confirm you did right. Just a little “atta boy” (or girl) makes the pain go away. XO


    • He was so sweet to me. We both had a long day, too so this wasn’t a great start. I kept a smile on my face and tried hard to laugh. What else am I going to do. It is what it is.

      Thank you for giving me your good car karma. That just means your karma bank is going to be filled to overflowing due to your generosity xoxo

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  7. You don’t need us to send you good karma. You create your own good karma by being capable, calm, level-headed, and thinking your way through challenges. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing fine.

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  8. You all are crazy! lol
    “What I needed more than anything was to hear was his voice. I needed to hear his reassurance that I did a good job in taking care of a problem. I needed to connect with him”
    I think this is something we all need to remember, because it transcends to all of us. Kasai is also a go-getter, she’s had to be given my job, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

    Hope they get your car back on the road quickly and painlessly!


    • I’m so glad we made you laugh 🙂

      I’m the kind of girl that will change a flat before waiting for someone to come and do it for me because I’ll get it done faster. I come from the land of sink or swim. I find that most Doms want capable subs, don’t you?

      Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully this is all still under warranty. Fingers crossed.

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  9. UPDATE: Thank God for the warranty! It was a catastrophic crash of the torque converter. Say that 3 times fast. If it was not under warranty it would cost $3000 to $4000. Would not have wanted to eat that one. I need a new battery, too, but I’ve never been more happy to buy one.

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  10. Happy it all came out well for you… but I hear you on the stepping up thing. I spent my adult years until 34 (and way beyond) having to “step up” and handle most things … and there were times I just wanted to be vulnerable and in the arms of a man who would say, “It’s OK, I’ve got this hun…:” It’s good to know that I CAN handle nearly any situation, however it’s also nice to know that I don’t have to with my DH. The problem for me is, admitting I’m vulnerable and weak sometimes. While I want to not complicate his life and I see my “stepping up” is an act of service, sometimes for me it also is an ego thing, and I have to watch out for that. It’s very hard to admit something is outside my abilities/strength/talents. I’m wondering how much I am responsible for his not affirming me more when I do step up, because I sure would love to hear it more.

    Glad you made it through safely. Sometimes those experiences just make me want to cry once I can get through them, because sometimes I can’t believe I did get through it.


  11. It sounds to me that you are the go-to gal!! Top notch job in getting everything looked after tout de suite (that’s what we Canadians say for “right away”). A competent sub is still a sub. Just because she can keep the world going around doesn’t change anything.

    And hooray for the warranty!! We create our own good luck.


  12. I know we have talked about how we are so similar in our subbie ways. I know how even though you handled your situation well and you know you did well you still needed to hear his praise and him telling you he was proud of how you handle things. There is no greater feeling than doing something right but also your Dom validating it for you. I tend to soar in the happy subbie cloud when that happens. 🙂
    As for the car and all of that stuff… I won’t comment since we already talked about it. 🙂



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